Short story study guide

Autobiographical anecdote
about self, true short story (non-fiction)
3 elements of a short story
usually under 10,000 words
can typically be read under 1 sitting
usually more focused on characters than action
main idea of a story
3 aspects of setting
time, place, and atmosphere
main character who is struggling to achieve a goal
the force (may or may not be a person) that tries to keep the protaganist from reaching his or her goal
a struggle between two opposing forces
Author's purpose
The reason the author wrote a literary work, or shared information, events, motivations, etc. inside a literary work.
Aspects of theme
universal ideas and provide unity
exposes (introduces) the reader to the characters, setting, and conflict
Rising action
a series of events which build intensity and show the protaganist trying to solve the conflict
moment you know the conflict will be resolved
Falling action
action that takes place after the climax
conclusion which shows the author's theme
the feelings or emotions generated by the author's description of the characters and setting
1st person point of view
main character tells his or her own story
3rd person limited point of view
narrarator tells the story from the point of view of one character
3rd person omniscent point of view
narrarator has unlimited knowledge and can describe every characters thoughts and actions