40 terms

MrsJonesPTHS Eng. II Fall Sem. Exam, Part I 2: TKM and ANTIGONE

Harper Lee
author of TKM
Mayella Ewell
falsely accused Tom Robinson of raping her
boy with quite an imagination; good friends with Scout
Boo Radley
person who saved Jem and Scout by killing Bob Ewell
more than a maid to the Finch family
teacher told her not to read at home with Atticus
Why Scout did not want to return to school after the first day
Who put "gifts" in tree for Scout and Jem?
Boo Radley
Whose house burned to the ground?
Miss Maudie
Who was Tim Johnson?
the rabid dog that Atticus killed
During the time period of TKM, the US was involved in what?
a depression
Who was the morphine addict?
Mrs. Dubose
Initially, Atticus thinks this person killed Bob Ewell.
Name two ways the African Americans show respect to Atticus.
1. They stand up as he leaves the courtroom.
2. They give him gifts of food.
Why was it improbable that Tom Robinson could have raped Mayella?
He has a deformed arm and cannot do anything with that arm.
Who threatens Atticus? Why?
Bob Ewell b/c they made him look like a liar and a fool.
Atticus represents what?
fair and honest people; people opposed to prejudice
Known as "ole one shot"
Miss Caroline doesn't know how to respond to the children b/c ?
She is not of the area and she doesn't know the idiosyncrasies of the various families. She has preconceived notions that do not match up with the children.
Who was known as the "malevolent phantom"?
What saved Scout from death at the end of the novel?
her ham costume
Who "saved the day" at the jail (when there could have been a serious altercation)?
Scout, by recognizing and singling out Mr. Cunningham, prevents possible mob action.
Why doesn't Alexandra want Scout playing with Walter Cunningham?
Cunninghams are not the social equals of the Finches, according to Aunt Alexandra.
What happens to Tom Robinson after the verdict?
He was shot when he tried to escape from prison.
What bad thing happens to Helen Robinson, besides the fact she is not the sole "bread winner" of the family?
The Ewells threw things at her and harassed her as she walked past their house on the main road.
In the title of the novel, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, who might the mockingbirds be?
Tom Robinson and Boo Radley b/c neither of them harmed anyone, yet they were mistreated and thought poorly of.
Why did Heck Tate insist that Bob Ewell fell on his own knife?
to cover up for Boo b/c putting Boo on trial would be hard on Boo due to his quiet ways
Who is the prosecuting attorney?
Mr. Gilmer
Who is the judge?
Who is the white man living in a black community, a man who pretends to be a drunk?
Dolphus Raymond
Who is the pastor at Calpurnia's church?
Rev. Sykes
Atticus asks Mr. Ewell to write his name to show what?
That he is left-handed.
Who is the gossipy neighbor?
Stephanie Crawford
Who is the narrator of TKM?
Jean Louise Finch, AKA Scout
What did Scout do to Walter Cunningham at school?
rubbed his nose in dirt during a fight
Who sewed up Jem's pants after he took them off to escape from the Radley place?
Why didn't the Ewells go to school?
The authorities bent the law for them given their poverty and poor family life.
Who angered Scout by saying her daddy defended Negroes?
What is the name of Atticus' sister?
Who is Mr. Underwood?
the editor of the newspaper who was "covering Atticus' back" at the jail
Who puts a blanket around Scout when she is at the fire?
Boo Radley