Public Speaking 110 Quiz #5

TAPS (The Art of Public Speaking), chapter 18
a method of generating ideas by free association of words and thoughts
a group decision that is acceptable to all members of the group
standards on which a judgment or decision can be based
Designated Leader
a person who is elected or appointed as leader when the group is formed
a group of two people
Emergent Leader
a group member who emerges as a leader during the group's deliberations
Hidden Agenda
a set of unstated individual goals that may conflict with the goals of the group as a whole
Implied Leader
a group member to whom other members defer because of his or her rank, expertise, or other quality
the ability to influence group members so as to help achieve the goals of the group
Maintenance Needs
communicative actions necessary to maintain interpersonal relations in a small group
Oral Report
a speech presenting the findings, conclusions, or decisions of a small group
Panel Discussion
a structured conversation on a given topic among several people in front of an audience
Problem-Solving Small Group
a small group formed to solve a particular problem
Procedural Needs
routine "housekeeping" actions necessary for the efficient conduct of business in a small group
Question of Policy
a question about whether a specific course of action should or should not be taken
Reflective-Thinking Method
a five-step method for directing discussion in a problem-solving small group
Small Group
a collection of three to twelve people who assemble for a specific purpose
a public presentation in which several people present prepared speeches on different aspects of the same topic
Task Needs
substantive actions necessary to help a small group complete its assigned task