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  1. swine lice
  2. trichnella spiralis
  3. oesophagostomum
  4. anaplocephala
  1. a travel thru the bloodstream to skeletal muscle where they encyst and are ingested by another host and release into their intestines to mature to adults.
  2. b found in the large intestine in pigs.
  3. c adults are large, segmented with scolex at anterior end. Up to 8 m long. Eggs are irregularly shaped and contain 6 hooked larva. Similar to monezia in ruminants.
  4. d treat pigs with ivomec.

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  1. adults release proglottids in small or large intestine. Ova are passed in the feces and ingested by a free living mite. host ingests mite.
  2. neck threadworm.
  3. treat tapeworms with these 2 products.
  4. diagnosed by a skin biopsy.
  5. can interfere with the growth and development of pigs. Can migrate to the liver and cause "milk spots" which are not likely significant. If they migrate to the lungs they can cause respiratory disease.

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  1. parascaris equorumingest larvated ova. Ova hatches and migrates to the liver, heart and lungs. Coughed up then swallowed as mature adult.


  2. large strongylesCan interfere with blood supply to gut and cause infarction and death. Likely involved with some types of colic in horses.


  3. oxyuris equitreat pigs with ivome, dectomax or safeguard.


  4. oxyuris equiadults are very large long white worms. Ova are oval to spherical with a thick, rough shell.


  5. large strongylesadults are medium sized with a ring of teeth around front edge of mouth. Often reddish brown due to ingestion of blood. Ova have thin smooth shell containing clump of cells when passed in feces.