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  1. EPM
  2. bots
  3. trichuris suis and strongyloides ransomi
  4. oxyuris equi
  1. a affects all ages. May cause anal pruritis, rubbing bum, broken tail hairs, rat tail.
  2. b adult flies are transversely striped and look similar to bees, no mouth parts. Larvae 1-2 cmc in length, yellowish or red-brown with transverse segmentation and short bristles.
  3. c causes CNS signs such as ataxia, weakness, stumbling, etc. Has a complex poorly understood life cycle.
  4. d pig whipworms.

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  1. adults are medium sized with prominent buccal capsule with teeth around its top and its base. Ova have a thin, smooth shell with few shells when passed in feces. Indistinguishable from small strongyle ova.
  2. ingest larvated ova. Ova hatches and migrates to the liver, heart and lungs. Coughed up then swallowed as mature adult.
  3. treat most equine endoparasites with these 3 dewormers.
  4. adults live in large intestine. They mate, males die and females move into the rectum. Horses ingest infected larvated eggs.
  5. treat with topical powders such as dri kill and louse kill.

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  1. equine licecause irritation which leads to rubbing and scratching and hair loss. Sucking lice can lead to anemia generally in young foals.


  2. chewing licedamalinia equi.


  3. cyathostomesadults in large bowel. Eggs pass in feces. 40 diff species.


  4. ascaris suumequine pinworm.


  5. swine licetreat with topical powders such as dri kill and louse kill.