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  1. strongyloides westeri
  2. parascaris equorum
  3. sarcocystis neurona
  4. trichuris suis and strongyloides ransomi
  1. a adults are very large. Males 15-28 cm and females 50 cm long. Eggs have a spherical rough shell, dark amber to brown. Ova survives in evironment for years.
  2. b larva are ingested or penetrate the skin. Pass vascularly to the lungs which are then coughed up and swallowed as mature adults. May be passed transmammary to foals.
  3. c pig whipworms.
  4. d a parasite which invades the spinal cord and causes a disease called equine protozoal myeloencephalitis.

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  1. equine pinworm.
  2. adults are very small 2-9 mm long. Ova are thin shelled, oval and larvated.
  3. adults are very large long white worms. Ova are oval to spherical with a thick, rough shell.
  4. travel thru the bloodstream to skeletal muscle where they encyst and are ingested by another host and release into their intestines to mature to adults.
  5. treat pigs with ivomec.

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  1. parascaris equorumare a potentially zoonotic parasite if humans ingest infested eggs.


  2. cyathostomesanaplocephala/paranaplocephala


  3. onchocerca cervicalisadults can cause non specific enteritis. Can cause myositis, fever and myocarditis and possible death if untreated. Proper cooking of meat eliminates the risk of infection.


  4. 8-12 weeksanaplocephala/paranaplocephala


  5. cyathostomesadult females can be annoying. Larva in stomach can rarely cause ulcerations. Most time no clinical signs are present. Often infection is determined on post mortem exams.