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  1. parascaris equorum
  2. large strongyles
  3. trichnella spiralis
  4. ascaris suum
  1. a ingest larvated ova. Ova hatches and migrates to the liver, heart and lungs. Coughed up then swallowed as mature adult.
  2. b bloodworms.
  3. c treat pigs with ivome, dectomax or safeguard.
  4. d travel thru the bloodstream to skeletal muscle where they encyst and are ingested by another host and release into their intestines to mature to adults.

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  1. adults are very small 2-9 mm long. Ova are thin shelled, oval and larvated.
  2. large roundworm of horses.
  3. adult females can be annoying. Larva in stomach can rarely cause ulcerations. Most time no clinical signs are present. Often infection is determined on post mortem exams.
  4. adult flies in summer (do not feed). Females lay their eggs on hairs. Larva mature in stomach over winter. In spring larva shed in feces as adult flies and emerge.
  5. anaplocephala/paranaplocephala

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  1. ascaris suumcan interfere with the growth and development of pigs. Can migrate to the liver and cause "milk spots" which are not likely significant. If they migrate to the lungs they can cause respiratory disease.


  2. cyathostomesadult flies are transversely striped and look similar to bees, no mouth parts. Larvae 1-2 cmc in length, yellowish or red-brown with transverse segmentation and short bristles.


  3. ascaris suumare a potentially zoonotic parasite if humans ingest infested eggs.


  4. cyathostomessmall strongyles.


  5. oesophagostomumsmall strongyles.


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