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36 terms

Irregular go-go verb conjugations

yo caigo
I fall
yo conozco
I know (peron, place, thing)
yo digo
I say; tell
yo doy
I give
yo hago
I make; do
yo pongo
I put
yo salgo
I leave
yo sé
I know
yo tengo
I have
yo traigo
I bring
yo vengo
I come
yo veo
I see
yo voy
I go
yo soy
I am
yo oigo
I hear
yo estoy
I am (location and emotion)
Nosotros caemos
We fall
Tú conoces
you (inf) know (person,place,thing)
Ella dice
she says; tells
Uds. dan
You (pl.) give
vosotros ponéis
You (pl. Spain) put
Ellos salen
They leave
Nosotros sabemos
We know (fact)
Ud. tiene
You (form) have
Ella trae
She brings
Vosotros venís
You (pl.Spain) come
Tú ves
You (inf) see
Ellos van
They go
Ellos están
They are (location,emotion)
Tú oyes
You (inf) hear
Nosotros oímos
We hear
Vosotros sois
You (pl.Spain) are
Ellos dan
They give
Tú pones
You (inf) put
Uds. vienen
You (pl. come)
Ellos traen
They bring