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When can personnel advance towards the rotor arc?
only when authorized by plane captain or flight crew
What does Ng mean?
Gas Generator/turbine speed
What does Nf mean?
Power Turbine speed
What does Nr mean?
Rotor rpm, rotor speed
What does P3 mean?
compressor discharge pressure
what does T2 mean?
compressor inlet temperature
What does T5 mean?
power turbine inlet pressure
What does OAT mean?
outside air temperature
what kind of engine is on the MH-53E
how many shp can the engines produce?
4750 shp and contingency power of 5000 shp for 2 minutes
what does the compressor section of the engine contain?
inlet guide vanes and 13 stages of stator vanes
how many ignitors and fuels nozzles are on the engine?
2 ignitors and 12 fuel nozzle
what does the EAPS do?
engine air particle separator, removes sand, dust, and other foreign particles in air stream
In automatic, when do EAPS bypass doors open?
78-88 knots
What is used to operate the fuel probe and pressurize fuel purging system?
14 stage bleed air from engines
What is the APP?
auxiliary power plant, small turbine engine that drives the accessory gearbox . Allowing ground starting of the engines and operation of the electrical and hydraulics systems. 2nd stage, U1 and U2
how many rotor blades are there?
what do the blades attach to?
blade extenders
What are the extenders attach to?
sleeve and spindle
What do the rotor blades do?
Provide lift and thrust for flight
What does the IBIS system consist of?
7 IBIS indicators, IBIS detector, signal processor
What does the IBIS system do?
detect loss in pressure in blades
What radiation does the IBIS system contain?
strontium 90
How many tail blades are there?
What do the tail blades do?
Yaw control by contracting main rotor torque and to provide some lift
where are the danger areas on airframes?
strut, tire, pylon and blade fold ares
where should you stand when performing tire maintenance?
fwd and aft of tire
what type of fuselage is the MH-53E?
semimonocoque construction with a floating frame and watertight hull
what is the landing gear sink rate?
672 ft per minute at 46500 lbs gross weight
what is the tail skid skin rates?
672 ft per minutes.
what is the max landing gear touchdown and take off speed?
40 knots
What is the fuel capacity of 2L and 2R tanks
691.6 gals
what the fuel capacity of 1 and 3 tanks
what are the 5 types of gear boxes?
what does the NGB do?
transmit torque to MGB
what does the MGB do?
5 degree tilt, 3 engine input. drives AGB, rotor head, tail rotor, oil cooler
What does the AGB do?
drives U2, U1, and 2nd stage pumps. 1 and 3 generators, and engine start pump
what does the IGB do?
113 degree angle change
What does the TGB do?
reduces shaft speed, 90 degree angle change
what drive shafts are on the tail disconnect?
number 5 and 6
what do chip detectors do?
provide visual warning when it detects metallic chips
how many chip detectors are they?
14 chip detectors
where are all the chip detectors
1 in each engine, 2 in the AGB, 5 in the MGB, 1 in each NGB, 1 in the TGB and 1 in the IGB
which chip detectors have fuzz burn off?
AGB and MGB chip detectors
what should you do before dealing with HAZMAT?
Read the MSDS
what pressures do hydraulics operate at?
how many hydraulic pumps are there?
5, U1, U2, 1st stage, 2nd stage and engine start
what psi is the engine start pump at?
what are the two winches
cargo winch and rescue hoist
What are the capabilities of the cargo winch?
80 ft long and 5000 lbs
what is ohms law?
What is a multimeter?
combination of a ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmeter
what is a thermocouple
junction or connection of two unlike metals.
how many generators are there and what power do they produce?
3 and 115 ac volts, 400hz rating of 40 KVA, 3 phase
what do brushless generators do?
convert mechanical power to electrical power
what do supervisory panels do?
regulator output and transfer load from generators during certain malfunctions
what do control circuitry do?
allows pilots and copilot to monitor and control output of generators and disconnect selected generators
what do junction boxes do?
location for interconnection of separate buses
what are caution/advisory capsules?
alert pilot or copilot of generator failure
voltage sensing relay
3 phase sensing relay and 3 resistor to switch power source for flight critical avionics when loss of any phase power is sensed
what does bus-tie circuitry do?
has current limiters and relays. when a converter fails, it transfers load to remaining online convert
what is an anti collision light?
consist of 2 lights. they flash to show other aircrafts of location
At what rate does the anti-collision light flash at?
60-80 flashes per minute
how many blade tip and formation lights are there?
7 formation and 7 blade tips
how many spot lights are there and how do you control them?
2 and by collective stick grip
what is the landing gear down light?
1 and lights up and landing gear are down and locked
what are positioning lights
3. Red= port, green=starboard, white= aft
when does the probe light illuminate?
during aerial refueling opertations
where is your rescue hoist light?
1 mounted near rescue hoist
where is the rotor head light?
aft of sliding dog house
how many cabin dome lights are there?
what does HEELS mean?
helicopter emergency egress light
when does the HEELS light up?
DC electrical system fails, impact of 10g, or immersion switches on the floor are immersed in water
how many crashworthy batteries are there?
three 28v dc batters
what does the pitot static system do?
used for airspeed indicators to determined airspeed in knots and barometric pressure.
how many caution capsules are there?
72. 12 rows and 6 columns
how many advisory capsules are there?
30. 5 rows and 6 columns
what does the master caution advisory panel do?
caution capsules go on same time at push to reset comes on.
how many fire detectors are there? and where are they?
15. 3 in no.1 engine, 3 in no.3 engine, 5 in no. 2 engine, 2 in APP and heater compartment, 2 in MGB.
What does the NO.2 engine dual thermal detector system do?
provides warning of overheat condition in no.2 engine. consist of control unit, selector switch, no.2 overheat warning panel, and dual sensing element bell assembly
what does the tension skew angle indicating system do?
visual display of tension forces extorted on the cables attached to the MCM device. Also, provides reference signal to DAFC. Audio and visual warnings if tension is exceeded
What are the fuel quantity indicator panels?
4 indicators that show total fuel, no.1 tank, 2L and 2R tank and 3R tank quantities
what does the engine oil temperature indicating system do?
3 independent subsystems for each engine. consists of temperature bulb and indicator. monitors oil temperature of engines
What are the quadruple tachometer indicating system?
provide pilots constant visually indication of power turning section(nf) of each engine and rotor speed(nr). consists of 4 indicator and 2 tachometers.
what does the ice detector system do?
provide cockpit area with waring of icing conditions.
what does the engine anti-ice do?
prevents icing at the engine inlet duct with electrical and bleed-air anti-ice systems
What does the engine torque monitoring system do?
visually indicates engine power being delivered to the MGB. Allows control of engines to prevent over torquing of transmission.
what does the over torque warning system do?
lights up over torque capsule when engine capsule is greater than 134% to 140%. Over torque indicator turns white when gone torque is greater than 153% to 156%. Main rotor overspeed turning white when rotor sped is 115% to 118%
When does the over torque and overspeed capsules turning white?
overtorque= engines 153% to 156%
Overspeed= rotor head 115%to 118%
what does the engine overspeed system do?
provide protection of engine from dangerous over speed and allow pilots to test overspeed protection capbilities
what does the generator tachometer indicator system do?
(NG) indicates speed of each engine gas generator turbine section
what does the power turbine inlet temperature indicating system do?
(T-5) indicates engine power turbine inlet temperature. this is done by engine thermocouples that can monitor engine heat
what does the bearing monitoring system do?
(BMS) detects and evaluate signals from 3 visual/temperature sensors and one temperature sensor. 2 v/t sensors under the swashplate. 1 v/t one tail disconnect. 1 temperature sensor on the oil cooler.
what does the pitch locking/flight control positioning indicator do?
control pitch locks that locks pitch of blades. prohibits aerodynamic forces being transmit from blades to flight controls.
what does the eight day clock indictor do?
2 elasp times clocks for each pilot
what does the free-air temperature gage do?
indicate OAT
What does the ARHS do?
attitude heading reference system, provides roll and pitch info to the ADI (attitude indicating system) and AFCS
what is DG mode?
direction gyro. used in regions where magnetic heading reference is unreliable.
What is slave mode?
used in areas where magnetic heading reference is reliable.
what is compass mode?
used when DG and slave mode is inop
what are the 5 components that are essential for the function of AHRS?
pitot tubes, airspeed indicators, barometric altimeters, vertical velocity indicators, horizontal situation indicators, and TACAN
what do the airspeed indicators do?
indicated helicopter speed in knots. 0 to 250 knots
what do the barometric altimeters do?
indicate altitude above or below sea level.
what do the vertical velocity indicator do?
indicate rate of descend and ascent feet-per-mintue
what does the horizon situation indicator do?
plain view as if pilot was looking on top if helicopter.
what does the TACAN do?
tatical air navigation system. gives relative bearing, slant range distance, course deviation, to-from and tone identification. displayed on the HSI and ADI
what is the GPS?
Global positioning system. provide worldwide satellite navigation.
What does the PNS do?
Precise Navigation system. precision radio location that provide navigation information during special missions such as minesweeping.
what does the LF/ADF do?
low frequency automatic direction finder. provide compass bearings to RF stations transmitting in the 100 to 3000 kHz range
what the doppler navigation do?
measures ground speed, drift angle, horizontal,verticle, and lateral velocity information ground velocity
what does the VOR/ILS do?
provides with Vor, localizer, and glide slope navigation aids
what the BFT do?
blue force tracker. situation awareness display system that can be used with the electronic data manager. Provides digital moving map.
What is the VHF/UHF DF system?
determines relative bearing of radio sources transmitting in VHF range.
What is the ICS?
intercommunication system. provide inter phone communication between ICS stations. 11 interior an 2 exterior
What is the HF communication system?
high frequency. provides 280,000 communication channels
what is the secure speech system?
All ICS signals are encoded before transmiited
What is the GPWS
Ground proximity warning system. provide aural and visual warnings of impending flight into terrain and unsafe flight conditions.
what does the Radar Altimeter system do?
gives a constant visual indication of absolute attitude above terrain during operations of 0 to 5000 ft.
What is the DAFCs
digital automatic flight control system. electro-hyrda-mechanical system which assist pilots in handling and maneuvering the helicopter.
What do the countermeasures dispensing sets do?
ALE-47. computer controlled aircraft defense system designed to provide protection against hostile radar and infrared threats through dispensable decoys
What is a CAD and where are they?
cartridge actuating device. rescue hoist, fire bottles, cargo hook, and guilotine
What is the Xm-218 machine gun?
gun mount provision one left fwd side of cabin and other through upper half of personnel door. Main purpose is for mine destruction
what is the rescue hoist?
hydraulically operated hoist used to raise or lower equipment
what is a MLM
Marine location Maker
How long does the MK 25 MLM last for?
10 to 20 minutes
How long does the MK 58 MLM last for?
45 to 55 minutes
What is a WARNING?
procedure or practice that may result in injury or death
what is a CAUTION?
procedure or practice that may result in damage to equipment
What is a NOTE?
procedure or practice that is essential to emphasize
What is a SHALL?
used when procedure is mandatory
What is a SHOULD
used when a procedure is recommended
what is a MAY and NEED NOT
used when procedure is optional
what is a WILL?
used to indicate futurity
Where and what is the electronic cooling system?
blower install in doppler compartment to cool AHRS and doppler equipemt
What does the Heating system d0?
600,000 BTU heater near the APP. heater should be turned of for 10 minutes before shutting off electrical power.
When should you inflate flotation equipment?
Never inside of aircraft.
When submerged in water, where should you swim alway from?
Blades or parts of sinking helicopter
What are the steps for an overturn after impact of an helicopter?
1- Wait until rotors have stop
2- place one hand on seat belt release
3- remain strapped for 5-8 seconds or until water is no longer rushing into the cabin
4-release seat harness
5- exit helicopter
6- do not inflate LPU until out helicopter
Why should you know exit through ramp when rotor is spinning?
Can be struck by tail blade
What is the CMU-33A
a survival vest worn by aircrew and has 14 essential items. flashlight, knife, flares, strobe light, whistle, compass, mirror, 4 oz water, weatherman tool. MK-124 distress flares, radio, dye markers, first aid kit, HABD
How many people do the LRU-15/A (MK-20), LRU-14 (MK-12) and LRU-13/A (MK-7) hold?
15= 20 people
14=12 people
13=7 people
What is in the fire bottles?
Monobromotrifluoromethane. 4.5 lbs at 600 psi
how Gs crash will automatically discharge fire extinguishers?
10 Gs
what is the capacity of the rescue hoist?
600 lbs
Why can't the MH-53E primary's mission be SAR?
because of its increase downwash
how many passengers can the MH-53E hold?
55 passengers
What does MMF mean?
Maintenance Mobile facility
What does RIB(RHIB) mean?
Rigid hull inflatable boat
What does CESE mean?
civil engineer support equipment
What is the offense and defense MCM operations
Offense- Prevent enemies from laying mines
Defense- Reduce mine effect once they are placed
what does breakthrough mean?
clearing a field for a passage lane
What does exploration mean?
determine presence of mines
What does clearance mean?
clearing of mines
What does attrition mean?
keep the threat of mines to ship traffic low
What is a moored mine?
float but weigh to sea bottom
What is a ground mine?
rest on bottom of ocean
What is a moving mine?
can move to detonate in different places
what is a contacted actuated mine?
must hit hull of ship
what is a influence actuated mine?
detonated by acoustics, magnetic or pressure
what is a controlled actuated mine?
detonated by personnel
What does Q route survey mean?
mapping all contacts along a ship lane
What does processor MCM op mean?
operation using safe methods to reduce risk to MCM vehicles
what does lead through ops mean?
assist traffic through mine area
what is a mine danger area?
are drawn around each mine
What is a PASSIVE way of entering mine waters?
scanning the ocean bottom for contacts
what is the ACTIVE way of entering mine waters?
seek and destroying mines via sound, magnetic, pressure
what is mine hunting?
process of searching the sea bed and water volume for mines
what is mine sweeping?
Process of using either mechanical or influence sweep gear
what is the Reaction to mine sweeping?
lack of mine explosions after a period of sweeping does not indicate that no mines are present
what are Mine sweeping and mine hunting relationship?
relation is govern by the nature, extent and density of threat
What is the advantages of having EOD
having personnel with special training and equipment that renders ordnance safe is top priority in safe mine removal
What is a magnetic influence mine?
mine that responds to magnetic field of ship or mine sweep
what is a acoustic influence mine
mine that responds to acoustic field of ship or mine sweep
what is a pressure influenced mine?
mine that responds to hydro mechanical pressure field of a target
what is a combination influenced mine?
actuate only when 2 or more influences are met
what is a seismic influence mine?
passive acoustic mine that has geophones to detect acoustic energy from a ship.
What does AAW mean
anti air warfare
what does CCC mean?
Command control
What does FSO mean
Fleet and support operations
what does MIW mean?
Mine Warefare
What does INT mean?
What does LOG mean?
What does MOB mean?
what is the primary and secondary mission of the MH-53E?
Secondary = vertical onboard delivery
What does the MK 103 influence?
What does the AN/AQS-24 do?
Mine hunter. Provide real time sonar images to locate mines
What does the MK 105 influence?
What does the AN/SPU-1W do?
30 foot orange pipe, 1000 lbs. Magnetic influencing
What does the MK-104 influence?
what is the stub ramp used for?
AMCM towing
what does the aperture guard do?
restricts motion of the tow cable to keep it from hitting the tail rotor
what do MCM mirrors do?
provide visibility under the sponsons
When was HM-14 established?
12 may 1978
How many channels does tacan have?
256. 126y and 126 x
What does pitot stand for?
Impact pressure
how many litters can the MH-53E hold?
24 litters
The cargo floor is equipped with tiedowns. how much can they hold?
5000, 9700, 10000, 20000
What is MCM alpha risk?
minimize risk to MCM asset
What is MCM bravo risk?
balance Risk to MCM asset
What is MCM charlie risk?
timely completion of task
What is the AN/ALQ-141?
Acoustic influenced minesweeping
What is Altitude Mode?
enables the towed vehicle to operate altitude above bottom of sea floor
What is Depth Mode?
enables the towed vehicle to operate depth below the surface
How is the MK-106 made?
Combination of MK-104 and MK-105
What is a hydrofoil.
When speeds are above 9 to 11 knots they provide hydrodynamic support. 45 to 60 seconds to achieve
What is mcm mission fuel.
Enables the refuel of the mk-105 at 3 gallons per minute
What is the AN/ALE-39
How much fuel in 2 tanks