23 terms

English Nine: Vocabulary #3

Abhorrent (adj.)
loathsome; repugnant; odious
Abhor (v.)
utterly detest; loathe; hate
Admonish (v.)
reprove gently but seriously; caution
Ambrosial (adj.)
extremely pleasing to taste or smell; delicious
Confine (v.)
shut up; imprison
Decade (n.)
period of ten years
Detonate (v.)
explode with suddenness and violence; cause (something) to explode
Ephemeral (adj.)
fleeting; transitory; short-lived
Gullible (adj.)
easily deceived or cheated; credulous
Haggle (v.)
dispute or argue over a price in a petty way; bargain; wrangle
Immerse (v.)
plunge or place into a liquid; dip OR engross; absorb
Insomnia (n.)
inability to sleep; abnormal wakefulness; sleeplessness
lapse (n.)
slip; error; accidental mistake
lapse (v.)
cease being in force; become invalid
probe (n.)
critical inquiry into suspected illegal activity; investigation
render (v.)
hand down officially; deliver (as a verdict); give
repast (n.)
food for one occasion of eating; meal
replenish (v.)
bring back to condition of being full; refill
score (n.)
group or set of twenty; twenty
snub (n.)
act or instance of snubbing (treating with contempt); insult
snub (v.)
treat with disdain or contempt; slight
suture (n.)
strand or fiber used to sew parts of the living body; a stitch made with such material
unwittingly (adv.)
unintentionally; by accident; inadvertently; unknowingly