A Christmas Carol Test Study Guide

Causing gloom or dejection, gloomy, dreary, cheerless :
Of unknown authorship or origin:
Something that remains above what is used or needed:
A gloomy state of mind, especially when habitual or prolonged, depression:
Not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed:
Having the property of transmitting rays of light through its substance so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen:
Not credulous, disinclined or indisposed to believe; skeptical:
Of great weight, heavy, massive:
To feel or express sorrow or regret for:
A funeral song or tune, or one expressing mourning in commemoration of the dead:
To rob of goods or valuables by open force, as in war, hostileraids, brigandage, etc.: USE AS NOUN
Of or pertaining to a specter; ghostly; phantom:
Unyielding, unalterable:
To soften in feeling, temper, or determination; become more mild, compassionate, or forgiving:
Joyous, merry, or gay in disposition; glad; cheerful:
Was the 2nd spirit late or on time?
Where did the 2nd spirit go?
scrooge's living room
What did Scrooge's room get transformed into?
a grove
What did the 2nd spirit look like?
a jolly giant
What is the 2nd spirit's name?
the ghost of christmas present
What are three items on the 2nd spirit's throne?
turkeys, geese, and game
About how many brothers does the 2nd spirit have?
Where is the first place the 2nd spirit takes Scrooge?
the city
Who needed the 2nd spirit's sprinkling first?
the poor
What is the clerk's name?
bob cratchit
What are the four NAMED children?
martha, belinda, peter, and tiny tim
What is Scrooge's nephew named?
What are the two children's names?
ignorance and want
What is written on the boy's brow?
What happens at the end of Stave Three?
scrooge sees a hooded phantom
Where was Charles Dickens born?
landport, england
When is his birthday?
february 7, 1812
What was Charles's father's profession?
a clerk at the navy pay office
How old was Charles Dickens when he got his first job?
What was Charles Dickens wife's name?
catherine thompson hogart
How many children did Charles Dickens have?
When did Charles Dickens die?
on june 9, 1870
How did Charles Dickens die?
of a stroke
What is the 1st spirit's name?
the ghost of christmas past
What is the 3rd spirit's name?
the ghost of christmas yet to come
Who is Scrooge's sister?
Who is Belle?
scrooge's past fiancee
Who is Fezziwig?
scrooge's past employer
Where does the story take place?
london, england
What does the 3rd spirit morph into?
a bedpost
Who is Jacob Marley?
scrooge's former clerk
What are the people doing at the pawn shop?
selling scrooge's stuff
To whom does Scrooge send the prize turkey?
the cratchits
Who's party does Scrooge attend?
his nephew
How does the host of the party respond?
he is very happy
When Bob Cratchit comes to work late the next day, what does Scrooge do?
he gives him a raise
How long was Scrooge with all the spirits?
one night