Dante's Inferno - Sins & Punishments

26 terms by palmtreechica

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Unbaptized/Virtuous Pagans

Struck with grief from a lack of God's presence


Blown about by a violent and endless wind


Bombarded with hail, rain and black snow


Forced to push boulders to the CENTER of the circle


Forced to push boulders to the EDGES of the circle


Engaged in combat with one another on the surface of the River Styx


Sunk to the bottom of the River Styx


Locked in burning stone coffins


Forced to swim in a boiling stream of blood


Transformed into thorny trees that are ripped apart by Harpies


Condemned to a desert of blazing sand with a constant rain of fire


Whipped by demons while marching


Immersed in human excrement


Placed in holes head first with their legs exposed and burned


Contorted until their heads are backward and they cry until blind

Corrupt Politicians

Immersed in pool of boiling pitch


Forced to wear cloaks of lead


Chased and bitten by reptiles

False Counselors

Wrapped in individual columns of flames


Split from chin to groin by sword


Compelled to scratch their itching skin

Betrayers of Kin (Caina)

Lodged head first in blocks of ice

Betrayers of Country (Antinora)

Forced to eat one another

Brutus, Cassius, Judas Iscariot (Center)

Chewed endlessly in Lucifer's jaws

Betrayers of Guests (Ptolomea)

Lodged head up in blocks of ice with frost freezing their eyes so that they cannot cry

Betrayers of Benefactors (Judecca)

Contorted and lodged completely within blocks of ice

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