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APUSH Old Tests

The navigation acts were part of the british policy known as
By the 1750s, the British colonies on the north american mainland were characcterized by all of the following EXCEPT
a)disdain for British constitutional monarcy
b)many religious denominations
c)a society without a heredity aristocracy
d) a growing number of non-english settlers
e)acceptance of slavery as a labor system
The first great awakening led to all of the following EXCEPT
a)separatism and secession from established churches
b)the renewed persecution of witches
c)the growth of institutions of higher learning
d)a flourishing of the missionary spirit
e) a great appreciation for the emotional experiences of faith
Powers granted to the federal government under the US constitution are known as:
a) enumerated powers
b) checks and balances
c)reserved powers
d)executive powers
e) unicameral legislature
In 1778-1789, which of the following groups was most likely to oppose ratification of the constitution?
a) farmers in isolated areas
b) export merchants
c) former officers in the continental army
d) southern planters
e) urban artisans
All of the following accurately describe Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France EXCEPT:
a) it opened the Mississippi River permanently to western farmers
b) it ended the treat of American Indian raids on western settlements
c) it was made possible by the failure of Napoleon's forces to suppress a slave revolt in Haiti
d) it showed Jefferson's considerable flexability in dealing with foreign policy
e) it violated Jefferson's views concerning the strict construction of the Constitution
The Jefferson administration advocated which of the following changes as a means of restoring republic ideals?
a) abolishing the Bank of the United States
b) reducing the scope of activities of the federal government
c) discontinuing the funding of state debts
d) increasing the size of the US military
e) adopting the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions at the national level
The National Road was constructed primarily for the purpose of
a) demarcating the southwestern boundary of the Louisiana Purchase
b) promoting trade and communication with the Old Northwest
c) Opening the Southwest to ranchers
d) Assisting the movement of settlers to the Oregon Country
e) Relieving overpopulation and crowding in the Northeast
B (remember, it wasn't a federal gvmt thing, it was more private)
The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 was important because it
a)established the role of the federal government in internal improvements
b)strengthened the ties between eastern manufacturing and western agricultural regions
c) made the invention of the steamboat economically viable
d) spurred innovation in the railroad industry
e) was the last major canal project before the Civil War
B (remember, it wasn't a federal gvmt thing, it was more private)
Which of the following transportation developments opened the West to settlement and trade between 1790 and 180?
a) turnpikes and canals
b) railroads and steamships
c) turnpikes and railroads
d) clipper ships and turnpikes
e) canals and railroads
In which of the following British North American colonies was slavery legally established by the early 1700s?
a) the southern colonies only
b) the middle and southern colonies only
c) the tobacco and rice growing colonies only
d) all the colonies except Pennsylvania and the New England colonies
e) all the colonies
Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the New World was founded by
a) three aristocratic proprietors seeking private gain
b) a joint stock company anxious to return a profit to investors
c) Sir Walter Raleigh, wishing to gain favor with Elizabeth I
d) King James I, eager to gain a base for expeditions against Spanish shipping
e) John Smith, seeking to spread christianity
Which of the following conditions in England motivated Puritans to migrate to New England in the 1600s? 1. Political repression of dissident protestants 2. An economic recession 3. Restrictions on Puritan religious practices
a) one only
b) two only
c) three only
d) one and two only
e) one, two and three
In the eighteenth century, colonial VA and colonial massachusetts were most alike in that both
a) relied on he marketing of a single crop
b) were heavily dependent on slave labor
c) had an established anglican church
d) were royal colonies
e) administered local government through the justices of peace
What is one thing true about Africans brought as slaves to the British North American colonies?
They maintained cultural practices brought from Africa
The argument between Great Britain and its American colonies during the 1760s and 1770s over "virtual representation" concerned
the increasing use of juryless admirality courts in the colonies
During the War for Indepence, the principal reason the American government sought diplomatic recognition from foreign powers was to
make it easier to levy taxes on the citizens of the several states
To make the new government viable, the first Congress of the United States did all of the following EXCEPT
a) organize a federal court system under the Supreme Court
b) draft a bill of rights and send it to the states for ratification
c) pass a tariff for the purpose of raising revenue
d) grant subsidies to encourage industrial development
e) establish the State Department