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  1. in a series connected duplexer, what spark gap, if any, fires during reception?
  2. what is the data to be represented called?
  3. what year did electronics enter the computing scene?
  4. what is the speed range of a magnetic drum?
  5. the usual range of rotational speed for floppy disks is what?
  1. a none
  2. b 1919
  3. c source data
  4. d 300-400 rpm
  5. e 600-6000 rpm

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  1. 600 to 3000 feet
  2. slant range
  3. 1950
  4. byte addressable
  5. a core plane

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  1. in a 3 cavity klystron, what cavity, if any, contributes most to the velocity modulation of the electron beam?the middle cavity


  2. information concerning equal opportunity contained in command records may not be obtained through which of the following methods?SORM OPNAV 3120.32


  3. the process of carefully checking the coding sheets before they are keyed in to the computer is known as what?the direction of current


  4. to physically organize data on diskettes, what method is used?sector


  5. the state of each core in magnetic core storage is changed by what?300-400 rpm