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  1. what year did electronics enter the computing scene?
  2. to physically organize data on diskettes, what method is used?
  3. the first successful communications satellite for business applications was launched in what year?
  4. it is possible to represent a maximum of 256 different characters or bit combinations by using which of the following codes?
  5. in a frequency sensitive antenna, the physical length of the serpentine section and its relationship to the wavelength of the applied energy determines which of the following characteristics?
  1. a 8 bit
  2. b 1919
  3. c sector
  4. d 1965
  5. e direction of the beam

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  1. instructions
  2. four
  3. RAM
  4. where
  5. SORM OPNAV 3120.32

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  1. what is the speed range of a magnetic drum?600-6000 rpm


  2. what is the data to be represented called?600-6000 rpm


  3. when was the UNIVAC 1 developed?common business oriented language


  4. the PIN diode begins acting as a variable resistance at what minimum frequency?pressure


  5. for multitrack tape, what is the range of common recording densities in bits/bytes per inch?20 million to 150,000 million


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