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  1. it is possible to represent a maximum of 256 different characters or bit combinations by using which of the following codes?
  2. what is the size range of the diameters of magnetic disks?
  3. a floppy disk will accept what relative humidity range?
  4. how is the cutoff wavelength for a circular waveguide figured?
  5. the operation of an electrolumiscent display requires what total numbe of volts?
  1. a 20
  2. b 3 inches to 4 feet
  3. c 1.71 times diameter or 1.17 times "a" dimension
  4. d 8 bit
  5. e 10% to 80%

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  1. 20 million to 150,000 million
  2. 3600 rpm
  3. high resistance to current flow
  4. where
  5. acts as a grid

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  1. which of the following reflectors has a focal line instead of a focal point?cylindrical


  2. what two methods of data collecting by the CAT require other data sources to be used to draw conclusions and produce findings that can be validly interpreted?observations and surveys


  3. ouput information is available in how many forms?common business oriented language


  4. flexible computers that are byte oriented can operate in either a fixed or variable word length mode by which of the following techniques?fixed word length


  5. by which of the following methods are magnetic tape units categorized?type of packaging