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  1. the drive motor of a disk drive unit rotates the disk at a what normal, constant speed?
  2. of the following receiver special circuits, which one is used during sensitivity tests?
  3. in a radar reciever, which of the following purposes is served by stc?
  4. what is the data to be represented called?
  5. computers that store a single character in each address location are said to be which of the following types of computers?
  1. a prevents full amplification of nearby targets and permits full amplification of distant targets
  2. b AFC
  3. c source data
  4. d character addressable
  5. e 3600 rpm

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  1. it is more than double input
  2. 8 bit
  3. repeller voltage
  4. observations and surveys
  5. sector

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  1. there are how many authorized categories of allotments?5


  2. each filed fo a raster scan CRT is made up of approximately how many lines?30


  3. an electron field that enters an electrostatic field and travels in the same direction as the lines of force will react in what way?type of packaging


  4. computers that are built to retrieve, manipulate, and store a fixed number of characters in each address are said to be which of the following types of computers?fixed word length


  5. in a series connected duplexer, what spark gap, if any, fires during reception?tr and atr