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  1. each filed fo a raster scan CRT is made up of approximately how many lines?
  2. the second specific part of the predicate in a computer instruction, known as the operand, in general asks what question?
  3. what year did electronics enter the computing scene?
  4. in computer terminology, what is called a file?
  5. the process of carefully checking the coding sheets before they are keyed in to the computer is known as what?
  1. a a collection of records
  2. b desk checking
  3. c 525
  4. d where
  5. e 1919

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  1. 8 bit
  2. training
  3. 200,000
  4. dependent on the directivity of the array
  5. AFC

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  1. the PIN diode begins acting as a variable resistance at what minimum frequency?above 100 MHz


  2. what is the size range of the diameters of magnetic disks?source data


  3. a floppy disk will accept what relative humidity range?fields


  4. in a monopulse scanning system, which of the following feedhorn signal combinations makes up the bearing signal?(A+C) - (B+D)


  5. in a video montior, what do the frequency bandwidth, the number of characters to be displayed on a line, and the physical size of the screen determine?acutal number of picture elements