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  1. in a series connected duplexer, what spark gap, if any, fires during reception?
  2. ouput information is available in how many forms?
  3. of the following target parameters, which would most likely be displayed on all radar sets?
  4. for multitrack tape, what is the range of common recording densities in bits/bytes per inch?
  5. the report and disposition of offenses, NAVPERS 1626/7, contains all of the following information except
  1. a 3
  2. b pre mast advice
  3. c slant range
  4. d 200-6250
  5. e none

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  1. byte addressable
  2. 1950s
  3. source data
  4. command or operation
  5. 1950

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  1. which of the following publications outlines the command safety program and safety organization?cylindrical


  2. what are the most common tape densities in bits/bytes per inch?800 and 1600


  3. to kill any parasites on scavanger birds, you should boil the birds for what minimum length of time?300-400 rpm


  4. if a frequency is decreased, what change, if any, will be required in the dimensions of the bus bar?direction of the beam


  5. by which of the following methods are magnetic tape units categorized?type of packaging