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  1. what is an indicaiton of high VSWR?
  2. each filed fo a raster scan CRT is made up of approximately how many lines?
  3. the process of carefully checking the coding sheets before they are keyed in to the computer is known as what?
  4. in a 3 cavity klystron, what cavity, if any, contributes most to the velocity modulation of the electron beam?
  5. to kill any parasites on scavanger birds, you should boil the birds for what minimum length of time?
  1. a desk checking
  2. b 525
  3. c the middle cavity
  4. d 20 minutes
  5. e arcing, hot spots, excessive reflections

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  1. 8 bit
  2. to prevent full amplification of strong and permit fill amplification of weak signals
  3. 3 inches to 4 feet
  4. decrease in dimensions
  5. acutal number of picture elements

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  1. how many fundamental and discrete steps are involved in solving a problem on a computer?four


  2. what part of the program must the programmer prepare according to the format required by the language and the computer to be used?200,000


  3. a special device is needed to burn the program in what type of memory?RAM


  4. for multitrack tape, what is the range of common recording densities in bits/bytes per inch?3 inches to 4 feet


  5. computers that store a single character in each address location are said to be which of the following types of computers?character addressable