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  1. the air control panel is designed to regulate
  2. of the following receiver special circuits, which one is used during sensitivity tests?
  3. by which of the following methods are magnetic tape units categorized?
  4. to kill any parasites on scavanger birds, you should boil the birds for what minimum length of time?
  5. a floppy disk will accept what relative humidity range?
  1. a 10% to 80%
  2. b 20 minutes
  3. c type of packaging
  4. d pressure
  5. e AFC

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  1. cylindrical
  2. high resistance to current flow
  3. byte addressable
  4. dependent on the directivity of the array
  5. 800 and 1600

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  1. mnemonic instruction codes and symbolic addresses were developed early in what decade?1950s


  2. in a frequency sensitive antenna, the physical length of the serpentine section and its relationship to the wavelength of the applied energy determines which of the following characteristics?direction of the beam


  3. in a radar reciever, which of the following purposes is served by stc?to prevent full amplification of strong and permit fill amplification of weak signals


  4. when was the first mechanical adding machine invented?1950


  5. numeric, alphabetic, and special characters are represented in a computers internal storage and on magnetic media through the use of what system?coding