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  1. there are how many authorized categories of allotments?
  2. computers that store a single character in each address location are said to be which of the following types of computers?
  3. ferrite devices are useful in electronic an microwave applications because they possess magnetic properties and offer which of the following other properties?
  4. in a reflex klystron, the length of time a constant speed electron remains in the space seperating the grid and repeller is determined by which of the following factors?
  5. in a monopulse scanning system, which of the following feedhorn signal combinations makes up the bearing signal?
  1. a 5
  2. b character addressable
  3. c repeller voltage
  4. d high resistance to current flow
  5. e (A+C) - (B+D)

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  1. proper program instructions
  2. tr and atr
  3. sector
  4. 20
  5. 300-400 rpm

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  1. in a 3 cavity klystron, what cavity, if any, contributes most to the velocity modulation of the electron beam?the middle cavity


  2. the preliminary inquiry officer completes what section of the NAVPERS 1626/7?sector


  3. the first successful communications satellite for business applications was launched in what year?1965


  4. what group of related items form a record?common business oriented language


  5. when was the UNIVAC 1 developed?1950