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  1. in a series connected duplexer, what spark gap, if any, fires during reception?
  2. a floppy disk will accept what relative humidity range?
  3. in a magnetron, the magnetic field between the plate and cathode serves what purpose?
  4. what does the acronym COBOL stand for?
  5. the state of each core in magnetic core storage is changed by what?
  1. a acts as a grid
  2. b the direction of current
  3. c none
  4. d 10% to 80%
  5. e common business oriented language

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  1. prevents full amplification of nearby targets and permits full amplification of distant targets
  2. 20 minutes
  3. dependent on the directivity of the array
  4. pre mast advice
  5. 3

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  1. of the following target parameters, which would most likely be displayed on all radar sets?slant range


  2. oscillations in an echo box are indications ofa normally operating transmitter


  3. for multitrack tape, what is the range of common recording densities in bits/bytes per inch?200-6250


  4. the second specific part of the predicate in a computer instruction, known as the operand, in general asks what question?coding


  5. in computer terminology, what is called a file?a collection of records