11 terms

Gr. 7- Science- Ch 11

means not able to be divided; smallest particle an element can be divided into and still be the same substance
positively charged center that includes protons and neutrons; very, very dense
electron clouds
areas inside of an atom where electrons are likely to be found; the exact path cannot be predicted because they do not travel in exact paths
positive charge; mass is very small at 1.7x10-24
or 1 atomic mass unit, or amu
*INSIDE the nucleus
neutral charge; a little larger than a proton but so slight that it's still considered to be 1 amu
*INSIDE the nucleus
negatively charged
*mass is so small that they are not part of the total mass of the atom
atoms w/ the same # of protons but different # of neutrons that share the same characteristics as the original element
# of electrons in level 1
2 electrons
# of electrons in level 2
8 electrons
# of electrons in level 3
18 electrons
#of electrons in level 4
32 electrons