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  1. Avant-Garde
  2. Cynosure
  3. Double Entendre
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. Aficionado
  1. a an avid, devoted, fan
  2. b an expression with more than one interpretation
  3. c a person who organizes a business venture, assuming great risk
  4. d something that attracts the eye, the center of attention
  5. e radically new, innovative

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  1. a short, interesting, story
  2. extremely dark and gloomy
  3. a relaxing of tension
  4. heavenly; celestial
  5. to criticize in an amusing way

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  1. Debaclea sudden failure


  2. Extrapolatea quick come-back


  3. Raconteura skilled storyteller


  4. Mercurialheavenly; celestial


  5. Nemesisanything meant to assist with memory