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  1. Cupidity
  2. Baachanal
  3. Pique
  4. Echelon
  5. Lampoon
  1. a a rank in a hierarchy
  2. b strong desire for wealth or material goods; greed
  3. c wild, dunken revelry; orgy
  4. d to criticize in an amusing way
  5. e to excite or arouse

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  1. strong connection
  2. drowsy; sleepy
  3. a formidable opponent that one cannot seem to overcome
  4. vanity
  5. anything meant to assist with memory

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  1. Double Entendrea relaxing of tension


  2. Insouciancenonchalance, lack of concern


  3. Debaclea relaxing of tension


  4. Thespianenormous size or power


  5. Travestya quick come-back