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  1. Promethean
  2. Somnolent
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Extrapolate
  5. Soupcon
  1. a drowsy; sleepy
  2. b whit; a small amount
  3. c boldly original and creative; life-giving
  4. d to infer
  5. e a person who organizes a business venture, assuming great risk

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  1. strong connection
  2. nonchalance, lack of concern
  3. vanity
  4. an actor or actress (usually in serious theater)
  5. a quick come-back

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  1. Saturninemelancholoy; gloomy, slow to change


  2. Debaclea relaxing of tension


  3. Lampoonto criticize in an amusing way


  4. Raconteurunusually severe or cruel


  5. Ennuito excite or arouse