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  1. Saturnine
  2. Epigram
  3. Sangfroid
  4. Ennui
  5. Salvo
  1. a melancholoy; gloomy, slow to change
  2. b gunfire or other artillery discharged in succession
  3. c dissatisfaction as a result of boredom
  4. d a short, witty expression with a lot of meaning
  5. e the ability to stay cool in difficult circumstance

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  1. a formidable opponent that one cannot seem to overcome
  2. strong connection
  3. to speak rapidly and foolishly
  4. a mockery, that is a grossly inferior imitation
  5. an avid, devoted, fan

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  1. Narcissismvanity


  2. Debaclea relaxing of tension


  3. Insouciancechange in pitch, tone, or volume of a voice


  4. Tautologythe needless repetition of words or ideas


  5. Hyperbolea short, interesting, story