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Economics book 5 unit 2

Involved and striving to reach a goal
The act of coming to an agreement by means of mutual concession
Majority agreement in matters of opinions
Opinion section of a newspaper; many times also known as "Letters to the Editor"
Not participating; inactive
Pressure group
A group that tries to influence or sway public policy
Material distributed by the proponents of a cause to support their view point
public opinion
The collective feelings of the population of an area which may or may not have factual basis
changed; headed in the opposite direction
Hidden from detection; secretive and without be recognized
stereotyped against; prejudiced
The act of removing what may be considered objectionable to people
Of the present time; recent
Editorial page
Opinion page of the newspaper; where the readers and writers express their views
Equal access
Every political party receives the same radio/TV broadcast length and time of day
Federal communication commission
Oversees the communications industry in America, and enforces broadcast laws
The power to produce a desired result
Plan; course of action
A person who obtains money illegally, sometimes by threat of physical violence
A short clip of TV footage which may cut speaker's words to a few seconds of time
Particular issue
Public opinion is a group of individuals on a ( )
Public opinion is of most value when the people who hold an opinion ( ) that opinion.
Public opinion should be measured by ( )
mutual concession
Compromise is the art of coming to an agreement by means of ( )
Public opinion can never be any sounder than the ( ) on which they are based.
mutual concessions
Organized efforts to shape public opinion so that government policies will be altered are carried on by ( )
pamphlets, books, articles, and newspapers
Public relations uses promotional materials such as: ( )
Gallup poll, Harris poll
Two research organizations mentioned are ?
We insist on the one-man-vote concept of ( )
The more we know about a subject the higher the value of our ( )
determine how people will vote in elections and to measure the popularity of individuals as well as government policies.
Public opinion polls try to ?
newspaper, magazine, television, motion pictures, magazines, radio, internet.
Six opinion makers that affect us ?
Public opinion has often been influenced by the newspapers ( )
Newspapers exist only as long as ( ) are willing to pay for some space in the paper.
Matthew 24:4
Jesus warned us about being deceived by false teachers in ( )
news and world report
Contemporary political, social, and economic issues ate addressed in such news magazines as Time. Newsweek, and U.S. ( )
audio, visual
Radio and TV furnished an instant means of ( ) and ( ) communications
News commentators could be called ( ) on the air.
meet the press, face the nation
Two programs that interview persons who are in the headlines are ( ) and ( 0
The documentary programs deal with problems of special significance and often mobilize public opinion to support needed ( )
( ) is important om creating intelligent public opinion
editorial page
The public view point of a newspaper can be learned by reading the ( )