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Chapter 7 "Jazz-Rock, Jazz-Funk Fusion" Terms


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Heavy emphases on beats 2 and 4, as played by the drummer (usually) on the snare drum.
Bent pitch
A small glissando or slide from one frequency to (usually) a slightly higher one.
Chorus reverberation
An electronic effect that guitarists use to "fatten," or fill out, sounds.
Digital delay
An electronic effect that creates an echo or a secondary sound so that a guitarist can, in effect, play several parts at once.
A distorted effect created when the sound coming from a speaker is picked up by an electronic sensing device such as a microphone and routed again back to the speaker. As this process multiplies, harsh electronic wails are created.
Jazz-Rock (jazz funk) fusion
A form of jazz that combines elements of rock (or R&B funk) and jazz.
Phase shifter
An electronic device that alters the sound of an instrument by altering the sound wave's shape
Electronic devices used both to sample and to play back sounds
The practice of digitally recording sounds for musical use in playback.
Slap bass
A technique in which the bass player percussively hits the low strings of the electric bass while picking melodies on the higher ones
Smooth jazz
A popular form of fusion jazz that combines rock or funk grooves with an electronic ambience to create an "easy listening" feel.
Sound modules
Electronic devices that play back prerecorded samples, which can be digitally stored on a computer for playback
Wah-Wah pedal
A pitch-frequency filter, operated by the foot, that is usually used by guitarists or electric keyboardists. When the pedal is pressed, the note or chord being held makes a wah sound.