Understanding the Earth Final Exam

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The Richter Scale is a measurement of an earthquakes what?
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Which mountain range is thought to be due to Continent-Continent collision?The Appalachian mountains.What do Basalt and Rhyolite have in common?They are both Igneous Porphyritic rocks.Who was the person that first understood that uncomformities meant large gaps in time?James Hutton.A water table is associated with what?An aquifer.The Hawaii islands are what types of volcanoes?Shield volcanoes.An earthquake with a magnitude of 7 releases _____ times as much energy as an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.30 times as much energy._____ earthquake waves have the highest energy.Primary (P) Waves.The P-Wave shadow zone is largely the result of what?The bending of waves in the Outer Core.Which seismic waves will be released first during an earthquake?Primary (P) Waves.Which type of seismic wave will not travel through liquids?Secondary (S) Waves.Which layer of the Earth makes up more than 82% of the volume of the planet?The mantle.What is the order of the Earth's layers?The crust, the mantle, the outer core, and the inner core.The Rio Grande valley is an example of what?A floodplain.The geologic era we live in now is known as what?The Cenozoic era.Glaciers contain the highest percentage of Earth's freshwater. The next largest percentage of freshwater is found in what?Groundwater.The ocean crust is composed of mostly what type of rock?Dense rocks such as basalt.Diagenesis would be mostly associated with what type of rock?Diagensis.