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  1. Insoluble Fiber
  2. Arrhythmia
  3. Parasympathetic Division
  4. Fight-or-Flight Reactions
  5. Glycemic Index
  1. a A measure of how the ingestion of a particular food affects blood glucose levels.
  2. b A division of the automatic nervous system that moderates the excitatory effect of the sympathetic division, slowing metabolism and restoring energy supplies.
  3. c A defense reaction that prepares a person for conflict or escape by triggering hormonal, cardiovascular, metabolic, and other changes.
  4. d Fiber that does not dissolve in water and is not broken by bacteria in the large intestine.
  5. e A change in the normal pattern of the heart beat.

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  1. A process by which hydrogens are added to usat
  2. The total amount of dietary fiber and functional fiber in the diet.
  3. A serious disturbance in eating patterns or eating-related behavior, characterized by a negative body image and concerns about body weight or body fat.
  4. Polyunsaturated fatty acids commonly found in fish oils that are beneficial to cardiovascular health.
  5. A vegetarian who eats no animal products at all.

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  1. Sudden Cardiac DeathAn electron-seeking compound that can react with fats, proteins, and DNA, damaging cell membranes and mutating genes in its search for electrons; produced through chemical reactions in the body and by exposure to environmental factors such as sunlight and tobacco smoke.


  2. NorepinphrineA hormone secreted by the medulla (inner core) of the adrenal gland that affects the functioning organs involved in responding to a stressor; also called a adrenaline


  3. AnemiaA deficiency in the oxygen-carrying material in the red blood cells.


  4. High-Density LipoproteinA lipoprotein containing relatively little cholesterol that helps transport cholesterol out of the arteries; "good" cholesterol.


  5. GlucoseVegetables such as peas and beans that are high in fiber and are also important sources of proteins.


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