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  1. Resting Metabolic Rate
  2. Trans Fat
  3. Lacto-Vegetarian
  4. Macronutrient
  5. Stress Response
  1. a The physical and emotional reactions to a stressor.
  2. b An essential nutrient required by the body in relatively large amounts.
  3. c A type of unsaturated fatty acid produced during the process of hydrogenation; trans fats have an atypical shape that affects their chemical activity.
  4. d The energy required (in calories) to maintain vital body functions, including respiration, heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure, while the body is at rest.
  5. e A vegetarian who includes milk and cheese products in the diet.

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  1. A condition resulting from the heart's inability to pump out all the blood that returns to it; blood backs up in the veins leading the heart, causing an accumulation of fluid in various parts of the body.
  2. Stress resulting from an unpleasant stressor.
  3. An essential nutrient; sugar, starches and dietary fiber are all carbohydrates.
  4. The science of food and how the body uses it in health and disease.
  5. A pattern of eating in which normal food consumption is interrupted by episodes of high consumption.

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  1. HydrogenationA process by which hydrogens are added to usat


  2. VeganVegetables such as peas and beans that are high in fiber and are also important sources of proteins.


  3. MicronutrientsAn essential nutrient required by the body in relatively large amounts.


  4. Free RadicalA deficiency in the oxygen-carrying material in the red blood cells.


  5. EndorphinesBrain secretions that have pain-inhibiting effects.