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2) APUSH Chapter 18: People

important people from chapter 18
Lewis Cass
War of 1812 Veteran, senator, ran for President and lost. Father of popular sovereignty
Zachary Taylor
Mexican American War Hero, victorious at Buena Vista. Became 12th President
Harriett Tubman
illiterate escaped slave who rescued 300 slaves by leading them through the underground railroad
Millard Fillmore
New York Lawyer turned Politician, 13th President, helped ease tensions between the North and the South in 1850
Franklin Pierce
Unrenowned lawyer-politician and 14th President of the United States. Pro-southern Northerner
William Walker
he tried repeatedly to take control of Nicaragua in the 1850s, backed by an armed force recruited largely in the South, he installed himself as president in July 1856 and promptly legalized slavery
Caleb Cushing
American diplomat who negotiated the Treaty of Wanghia with China in 1844
Matthew C Perry
Orchastrated the Treaty of Kanagawa with Japan