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During the last half of the 1800s the dramatic industrial growth of the united states was caused by all of the following except
low tariffs on imports
the steel industry emerged in
western Pennsylvania and eastern ohio
the shipping of iron ore was made easier by
the invention of the steam engine
the purpose of the bessemerkelly process was to
burn the impurities out of iron by blowing air through it
the initial development of teh steel industry was most significantly aided by the
invention of bessemer and open-hearth processes
the steel industry of the late 1800s prospered in all of the following states except
teh duryea brothers invented the
first gasoline-driven motor vehicle
the new method of management called taylorism led directly to all of the following techniques except
vertical horizon
railroads contributed to the economic growth of the united states in all of the following ways except
by encouraging diversified control of the transportation industries
after the civil war the growth of railroads was aided by
subsidies from local, state, and federal governments
the concept of limited liability contributed to the development of corporations and was appealing to many americans because
all of the answers below
after the civil war the emergence of teh modern corporation was aided by all of the following developments except
the success of pool arrangements among various companies
andrew carnegie rose from rags to riches by
cutting costs and prices for his produts
during the late 1800s the great corporations introduced a new form of corporate managment based on the
all of the answers below
the combining of a number of firms engaged in teh same business such as the merging of many different petroleum drilling companies into one company is an example of
horizontal integration
in their actual dealings industrial tycoons acted as if free enterprise and competition
all of teh answers below
John d rockefeller and other captains of industry engaged in teh attempt to creat monopolies through all of the following methods except
a holding company is a form of consolidation in which a
central corporate body formally purchases teh stocks of various corporations
by the end of teh 1800s the use of pools trusts and holding companies by big business resulted in
a concentration of economic power in teh hands of a few
the american public opposed the large corporations and their misuse of teh power in the grounds that they were
threatening republican society
despite the common belief in teh rags to riches the power and wealth of teh most industrial tycoons were based on all of teh following dubious practices except
abusing the public offices to which they were elected
teh erie war of 1868 involved a form of corruption in which businessmen
gave payoffs to members of teh state legislature in return for their support of favorable legislation
teh philosophy of social darwinism promoted teh idea that
only the fittest individuals survived in a free marketplace
social darwinism
sociological theory that humans can progress only if left free to compete with one another with the fittest surviving and the perishing
the philosophy of social darwinism appealed to some american businessmen because it justified their belief that
their business tactics were legitimate
Herbert spencer argued that society as a whole and business in particular benefited when the weak were eliminated and teh strongest and fittest were left to prosper. this theory is called
social darwinism
teh gospel of wealth as advanced by andrew carnegie promoted the concept that people with wealth should
use their resources to help society
teh idea that a rich person should merely a trustee of wealth and should seek to use those funds for the good of teh community is known as
the gospel of wealth
russel h conwells lecture acres of diamonds, and horatio algers book sink or swim advanced teh idea that
great wealth was available to any industrious worker
the reform darwinism of men like lester frank ward argued that
men can control their future by using government to wipe out poverty by adjusting the environment to their needs
the political concept that a single tax on land would desstroy monopolies distribute wealth more equally and eliminate poverty was authored by
henry george
as an alternative to social darwinism henry georges 1879 book progress and poverty proposed
a tax on land that would distribute wealth more equitably
in edward bellemys novel looking backward nationalism is defined as
government control and distribution of economic resources
throughout the late 1800s and ealry 1900s most americans blamed monopolies for all of teh following problems except
teh rapid decline in the standard of living
as a result of industrialization of teh late 1800s american workers experienced a
rise in their standard of living
the explosive growth of an industrial labor force in the late 1800s was due to
all of the answers below
in the late 1800s the new immigrants to the eastern cities tended to come from
southern and eastern europe
teh traditional melting pot settlement pattern of immigrants was disappearing in the late 1800s b/c
the new immigrants tended to cluster into ethnic groups
in the late 1800s teh american laborers faced all of the following hardships except
paying high taxes on their wages
teh increased employment of women and children in the industry was due to
teh decreasing need for skilled labor in the factories
by the 1900 the percent of women who were wage earners was
although 38 state legislature passed child labor laws in the late 1800s these laws generally proved ineffective b/c the majority of children
were employed in agriculture which was usually exempt from the laws
in the 1870s efforts by teh labor unions to gain bargaining power were unsuccessful primarily b/c
many americans feared the tactics of teh unions and considered them too radical
the railroad strike of 1877 indicated that
business was becoming national rather than local in scope
teh knights of labor was
by definition open to anyone who toiled
in its efforts to help workers the american federation of labor sought
short-term gains such as pay increases teh eight- hour day adn improved working conditions
the american federation of labor(afl) advocated
teh haymarket square riot of 1886 was
an indication to many members of teh public that labor was riddled with radicals
the homestead strike of 1892 was significant to the future of american labor b/c it
crippled the power of teh steel workers unionize
teh outcome of teh pullman strike of 1894 indicated that the federal government would
intervene on teh side of management rather than labor