CODI Final 126-150

The phonic philosophy accounts well for phoneme-to-letter relations just to the extent that a writing system conforms to the alphabetic principle.
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What distinguishes past form future in experience and discourse is __.the fact that we have no memory of the futureIt seems to be an unalterable fact of physics that the __ is only part of experience where actions can occur.presentLin (1989) showed that Chinese and English-speakers tend to report a sequence of events in a wordless film (the "Pear Story," Chafe, 1980) in __ in which the events unfold in the film. Also results from the "Frog Story" (Chen, 2005) has tended to show the same result across all the languages studied.the same orderFeature length movies are generally easier to follow when they involve a progression of events a chronological sequence from start to finishImproving literacy skills, the ability to make sense of written texts, __.does all of the aboveResearch with native and non-native speakers of any language shows that there is __ correlation between language abilities across modalities (reading, writing, speaking, listening).a strong and highly significantBecoming able to read faster and with better comprehension can be expected to have a profound positive impact on learning in general and on standardized test scores.trueEpisodic memory is the sort that enables us to recall __.all of the aboveCoherence is achieved when different systems of representation (iconic, indexical, and symbolic) come into agreement.trueIf someone says, Bill playfully threw the brick at Susan, the verb, play, and the noun, brick, __.none of the above is trueReading usually involves the representational resources applied by human beings in __.seeking the unity of conceptionThe inferences necessary to discover complex relations between things have been compared to __.all of the aboveThe deadliest traffic accident in the history of aviation was attributed to a breakdown in __.all of the aboveMost Americans speak unaccented English (that is, no dialect at all).falseLlyod Dunn, principal author of the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, lamented the disproportionate representation of dialect and language different children in special education classes before and including the 1960s.false