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Sociology Test 4 pt 1

Because the sociology of medicine focuses on how cultural beliefs, lifestyle and social class influence health and illness, the sociology of medicine is a[n] ________ field of sociology.
Culture of society
The perception of health varies considerably among societies of the world. The definition of what constitutes health and illness is most defined by which variables?
He introduced the concept of the sick role
What was the contribution Talcott Parsons made as a sociologist to the understanding of health and medicine?
The sick role
There is a major exam scheduled in today's sociology class, but Donald has a serious case of the flu. Donald's professor excused him from the exam. Donald then made an appointment with the health center, and spent the next three days in bed. This is an example of ________ in practice.
The United States
Of the following nations, which one has the highest infant mortality rate?
Fee for service
Payment to a physician in exchange for diagnosis and treatment is called ________.
Women need to be aware of gender bias in medicine
In the United States, doctors often convince women to have unnecessary hysterectomies because the uterus and ovaries are "potentially disease-producing" organs. What does this practice of convincing women to have unnecessary surgery suggest?
Many of the physical signs of aging such as balding, wrinkles, and a sagging chin or buttocks are now treated by physicians. This process of turning something into a medical matter is termed ________.
In what year did death from AIDS peak in the United States?
Sub saharan Africa
The area of the world most devastated by the AIDS virus is ________.