25 terms

Europe Review

Pax Romana
Period of peace & prosperity started by Caesar Augusta
Middle Ages, political and social system
J. Gutenburg
Inventor of movable type in Germany
Time of rebirth that began the pre-modern period and ended the Middle Ages
Constantine I of Rome
Made Christianity the official religion of Roman Empire
Time of Middle Ages
400 AD to 1350 AD
Czech Republic, standard of living
Eastern European country with highest standard of living
Cold War main opponents (adversaries)
United States & Soviet Union (USSR)
High-speed train tunnel passing beneath the English Channel
currency of the European Union
Atom (nuclear) bomb
ended WWII when USA bombed Japan with it
groups formed to bargain for better working conditions & better pay
Marshall Plan
Created by USA to help rebuild Europe after World War II
Axis Powers
WWII; Germany, Italy & Japan
German leader responsible for the Holocaust
Country once split into communist & democracy, now reunited
Free Enterprise system, prices
depend on supply and demand
Netherlands: drained farmland with rich soil
British Isles countries (2)
Republic of Ireland & United Kingdom
Jobs in communist countries
People have no choice; they are assigned
Economic & political cooperation
Two main focuses of European Union
North Sea & English Channel (helped UK how?)
Provided protection from invasion
Industrial Revolution caused prices of goods to
decrease or go down(less expensive)
Carpathian Mountains, one third of this country
Most peaceful & prosperous of former Yugoslav republics