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9.2 Electron Transport Chain Mr. O'Neill's Biology

Where do the electrons come from?
10 NADH, 2 FADH₂
Where do the electrons go?
Oxygen (O₂)
What does O₂ become after it gets an electron?
What is the immediate effect of the ETC?
It creates a hydrogen concentration gradient.
Where is a low hydrogen (H+) concentration created?
mitochondrial matrix
Where is a high hydrogen (H+) concentration created?
intermembrane space (of mitochondria)
What is the eventual effect of the ETC?
Where is the ETC located?
Inner membrane of mitochondria
How much ATP does the ETC make for one molecule of glucose?
approximately 30-34 ATPs
How much ATP does ALL OF RESPIRATION make for one molecule of glucose?
approximately 34-38 ATPs