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9.3 Fermentation/Energy Mr. O'Neill's Biology


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Reaction for Alcoholic Fermentation
Pyruvic Acid + NADH → Alcohol + CO₂ + NAD+
Reaction for Lactic Acid Fermentation
Pyruvic Acid + NADH → Lactic Acid + NAD+
Quick Energy
Comes from stored up ATP, then from Lactic Acid Fermentation
Is fermentation aerobic or anaerobic?
Exercise longer than 90 seconds
Energy MUST come from cellular respiration
Why is fermentation necessary to continue making ATP (without Oxygen)?
Because the NAD+ all get turned into NADH and then glycolysis can't go forward. Fermentation makes NADH back into NAD+.
What are the two kinds of fermentation?
Lactic acid fermentation and alcoholic fermentation
What is an example of where lactic acid fermentation occurs?
muscle cells (in humans)
What is an example of where alcoholic fermentation occurs?
yeast cells
What are some goods created by fermentation?
cheese, alcohol