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Science Test Chapter 19 and 21

The orbits of the planets ar what shape?
In the Ptolemaic model of the univers, how many planetai were there?
The belt of constellations through which all the planets move is called what?
This scientis determined the nature of the forces that kept the planets in their orbits
Isaac Newton
The true shape of the planetary orbits was discoeverd by?
Who wrote the Almagest?
Claduis Ptolemy
The first successful attempt to establish the size of Earth is credited to?
The calendar we currently us is called the?
In the Ptolemaic model of the universe what is in the center?
the earth
The apparent westward drift of the planets as compared to the background stars is called?
Retrograde Motion
Any variance in the orbit of a planet from its predicted path is referred to as what?
In the Ptolemaic model of the universe the stars are attached to the what?
Celestial Sphere
What are all the forms of electromagnetic radiation?
gamma rays, x-rays,uv rays,infa-red,microwaves, and radion waves
Arrange the colors in order of wavelength
red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,and violet
The study of spectroscopy was begun by?
The tuype of spectrum produced by a common light bulb is?
continous spectrum
The spectra of most stars are of this type
obsortion spectrum
What happens to the types of radiation as the temperature of a radiating surface is increased?
Get more radiation with smaller wavelengths
How is the doppler effect used by astronomers?
If the object is moving toward the earth it has a blue shift, if it is away, it is a red shift
The first person to use a telescope for astronomical observations
The problems encountered with lenses caused this scientist to build reflecting telesopes of his own design
Because lenses act like a prism to separate the colors of the spectrum, they produc a troublesom effect know as?
Cromatic Abaration
Nearly all large optical telescopes built today are of what type?