206.1.1 PHILOSOPHY The use of control devices upon a subject by an officer shall only occur when the officer, while in the performance of his lawful duties, _____ _____it necessary to gain control of the subject.
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The need to immediately incapacitate the subject must be weighed against the risk of causing serious injury. The ______, _____, _____ and ______ should not be intentionally targeted except when the officer has an objectively reasonable belief the subject may cause serious bodily injury or death to the officer or others.
Authorized employees may use chemical agents when the application of the chemical agent is objectively reasonable to subdue or control:
1. A _____ or ______ _____subject.
2. A subject who by words or action has demonstrated an intention to be violent or to physically resist and who reasonably appears to present the potential to harm employees, himself, or others.
Employees _____ give a verbal warning followed by a reasonable opportunity to voluntarily comply when practicable.
(b) Employees must be able to articulate their use of the chemical agent.
3. Apprehend a subject fleeing lawful arrest or detention.
4. There is a reasonable expectation that it will be unsafe for employees to approach within contact range of the subject.
206.4.3 TREATMENT FOR CHEMICAL AGENT EXPOSURE Subjects who have been affected by the use of chemical agents ____be afforded means of cleansing the affected areas as soon as practicable. Those subjects who complain of further severe effects ____ be afforded a medical examination by competent medical personnel.should / shall206.4.4 TRANSPORTING OF PRISONERS SUBJECTED TO CHEMICAL AGENT EXPOSURE When transporting prisoners who have been subjected to chemical agents, officers ____ ____that the prisoner stays upright with a clear airway and is not placed in a prone position to avoid possible positional asphyxia. Officers must be especially careful when tightly restraining combative subjects following the use of chemical agents.shall ensure206.5 KINETIC ENERGY PROJECTILES Kinetic energy projectiles are approved by the Department and are fired from__ ____ ____that are clearly identified as less lethal shotguns. Certain munitions can be used in an attempt to de-escalate a potentially deadly situation, with a reduced potential for death or serious physical injury.12 gauge shotguns206.5.1 DEPLOYMENT Approved munitions are justified and may be used in an effort to compel individuals to cease their actions when such munitions present a reasonable option for resolving the situation at hand. (a) Officers are not required or compelled to use approved munitions in lieu of other reasonable tactics if the involved officers determine that deployment of these munitions cannot be deployed safely. (b) The safety of _____, ____ ____ and ______ takes priority over the safety of subjects engaged in perceived criminal or suicidal behavior.hostages, innocent subjects and officers206.5.4 SHOT PLACEMENT AND DEPLOYMENT DISTANCES The _____ and ____ should not be intentionally targeted, however any target area or distance may be considered when it reasonably appears necessary to accomplish immediate incapacitation in order to prevent serious injury or death to officers or others.head/ neck206.6 PAIN COMPLIANCE TECHNIQUES Pain compliance techniques may be effective in controlling a ____ or ______ ____individual. Officers may only apply those pain compliance techniques for which the officer has an objectively reasonable belief that the use of such a technique appears necessary to further a legitimate law enforcement purpose.passive/ actively resistingTASER Device Guidelines 208.1 PURPOSE AND SCOPE The TASER® is intended to control a violent or potentially violent individual while minimizing the_____ OF ____ ____. It is anticipated that the appropriate use of such a device will result in fewer serious injuries to officers and suspects.risk/ serious injuryWhenever practicable, officers____carry a total of ___ or more TASER Device cartridges on their person while carrying a TASER Device.should/ two208.3 VERBAL WARNINGS A verbal announcement of the intended use of the TASER Device ____ precede its application unless it would otherwise endanger the safety of officers or when it is not practicable due to the circumstances.shouldThe aiming (TASER) laser should never be _____ directed into the eyes of another.intentionallyThe fact that a verbal and/or other warning was given, or the reasons it was not given, ___ be documented in any related reports, as well as any responses by the subject.shallOfficers ____ never hold both a firearm and the TASER device at the same time.shouldPROHIBITED USES The following are prohibited uses of the TASER Device: (a) The TASER Device shall not be used to torture, psychologically torment, elicit statements or to punish any individual. (b) Horseplay or practical jokes. (c) Demonstrations, without the permission of a supervisor. (d) Against ____ resisting subjects. (e) Individuals who are covered in, or in close proximity to, any ____ material.passively/ combustible208.4.3 SPECIAL DEPLOYMENT CONSIDERATIONS (a) The use of the TASER Device should generally be avoided in the following situations unless the totality of the circumstances indicate that other available options reasonably appear ineffective, impractical, or would present a greater danger to the officer, the subject or others, and the officer reasonably believes that the need to control the individual outweighs the risk of using the TASER Device.1. Obviously pregnant females. 2. Elderly individuals or obvious juveniles. 3. Individuals who are handcuffed or otherwise restrained. 4. Individuals whose position or activity may result in collateral injury208.4.5 MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS OF THE TASER DEVICE Only one officer shall deploy his TASER Device on an individual unless it is____ the deployment was not effective.obvious208.5 MEDICAL TREATMENT Officers ____ remove TASER Device darts as trained once the subject is in custody. Used TASER Device darts shall be considered a sharp biohazard, similar to a used hypodermic needle. Universal precautions should be taken accordingly.willAll subjects who have been struck by TASER Device darts or who have been subjected to the electric discharge of the device _____ be medically assessed prior to booking. Additionally, an individual who falls under any of the following categories should, as soon as practicable, be examined by paramedics or other qualified medical personnel: (a) The subject is suspected of being under the influence of controlled substances and/or alcohol. (b) The subject may be pregnant. (c) The subject reasonably appears to be in need of medical attention. (d) The TASER Device darts are lodged in a sensitive area (e.g., groin, female breast, near the eyes). (e) The subject requests medical attention.shallIf any individual refuses medical attention, such a refusal should be witnessed by ____ _____and/or medical personnel and shall be fully documented in related reports. If an audio recording is made of the contact or the interview with the individual, any refusal should be included, if possible.another officer208.6 TRAINING In addition to the initial department-approved training required to carry and use a TASER Device, all employees carrying a TASER Device shall demonstrate proficiency _________.annually208.7 FUNCTIONALITY CHECK After a ______ TO _____ ____, supervisors shall download the firing data from an employees' TASER Device and comply with the reporting procedures outlined in Policy 211 Officers shall download data from their assigned TASER Device when it is reassigned to another officer or retired from active police inventory: (a) One copy of the data report shall be filed with the officer's property inventory retained by Police Equipment. (b) One copy of the data report shall be retained by the officer.Response /Resistance incident208.7.1 PROPER MAINTENANCE _____ shall be responsible for ensuring that their issued TASER device is properly maintained and in good working order.Officers208.7.1 PROPER MAINTENANCE The supervisor or designee will perform ______ functionality checks. This check shall occur within the ____ month of each quarter of the calendar year (January, April, July, October).quarterly / firstThe results of the check will be documented on PD 0128A "Unit Quarterly Taser Functionality and CAD Audit Report" and will include all officers whose Tasers were checked, whether or not the internal clock was "___" and if a Taser was found defective. If defective, the supervisor shall notate _____ action. Examples are: 1. Turned into Police Equipment for repair or replacement 2. Taser cartridge trap doors replaced 3. Low battery replacedreset/ corrective208.8 DEPLOYMENT RECORD RETENTION All TASER Device deployment information shall be maintained by the Department for a minimum of ____ years.three