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This set features most of the bold terms in Abeka World History and Cultures Chapter 13: "The Rise of Modern Nations," Section 3: "France" (pages 224-226).


individual empire named for the Franks that began to develop after the Treaty of Verdun in 843

Hugh Capet

king who began the Capetian line of kings


French line of kings that marked the beginning of the modern French nation


tiny patch of land that was Hugh Capet's feudal domain


the city that Clovis made the French capital in 507

Louis VI

French king who strengthened his power, authority, and dominance

Philip II (Philip Augustus)

king who made the French monarchy stronger than any other single noble in France; accompanied Richard I in the crusade of kings

Louis IX

Philip II's grandson who is remembered for improving French laws in ways that appealed to the people but also increased his own power

Philip IV

French king who quarreled with Pope Boniface VIII over whether the king could tax the clergy without the pope's consent; arrested Boniface VIII and established the Estates-General

Boniface VIII

pope who quarreled with Philip IV over whether the king could tax the clergy without the pope's consent; was arrested by Philip and died shortly afterward


weak French version of Parliament established by Philip IV

House of Valois

line of kings that claimed the throne of France following the Capetian line, creating an immediate excuse for the Hundred Years' War


date of the death of the last Carolingian king

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