Pharr Vocabulary used 12-23 times in first 6 books of the Aeneid

26 terms by oliverrockman

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Column 8

tergum, -i, n

back, rear

thalamus, -i, m

bridal chamber

torqueo, -quēre, torsi, tortus

twist, wind


so many

tremo, -ere, -ui

tremble, quake

tumulus, -i, m

mound, tomb

turbo, -are, avi, -atus

confuse, disturb


whence, from where


from all sides

varius, -a, -um

varied, various


just as

vertex, -icis, m

whirlpool, peak

verto, vertere, verti, versus


vester, -tra, -trum


vestigium, -iī, n

track, trace, vestige

vestis, -is, f


vetus, -eris

old, ancient

virgo, -inis, f

maiden, girl

viridis, -is, -e

verdant, green

virtus, -utis, f

manliness, valor

vitta, -ae, f

fillet, band

volucer, -cris, m

winged, bird

voveo, vovēre, vovi, votus


vulnus, -eris, n


vultus, -us, m


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