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The boston tea party

when colonists dressed up as natives and threw the tea overboard and the British were very upset

The continental congress

became the first government for what would soon be known as the United Colonies of America

The battle of lexington green

when militia/ other colonists chased the British troops all the way back to the edge of Boston.
It was the first battle of the revolution

George Washington

he was appointed leader to fight for the continental army and was the first president of the United States

General Cornwallis

is the commander of the British

Benjamin Franklin

believed the England shouldn't meddle in American affairs
strong Patriot

Thomas Jefferson

has everything to do with the Declaration of Independence
3rd President of The United States

Benedict Arnold

goes with the Patriots, than British. Tells british what Patriots are planning

Marquis de Lafayette

was the founder of the new army "National Guard" and she commanded it. Hero of the American Revolution

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