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Johannes Brahms


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What is Brahms's nationality?
What musical era did Johannes Brahms span?
mid to late Romantic era
What eclectic elements did Brahms incorporate into his music?
Slavic, Hungarian and Germanic
What is one of Brahms's most famous works in the German language, though he made it clear that it was not for the purpose of elevating the German people above others in nationalistic sense?
Eine Deutsches Requiem (A German Requiem)
Who did Brahms tell that he would gladly have called his work A Human Requiem?
Carl Martin Reinthaler, director of music at the Bremen Cathedral
Brahms was more of a universalist and became seen as the leading composer of _________, music that exists on its own without the need of a program or specific agenda.
absolute music
To many, Brahms was seen as the true inheritor of whom's crown?
Brahms was cast as the conservative keeper of Romantic tradition in opposition to which radical composers?
Wagner and Liszt
What did Brahms's father play?
the flute, horn, violin, and double bass
Where did Brahms's father play?
At the time of his death, Brahms had amassed a library of over how many titles?
over eight hundred titles
Brahms took lessons in what instruments?
piano, cello and horn
Which one of Hamburg's leading teachers and composers began giving Brahms lessons in piano and theory free of charge?
Eduard Marxsen
How old was Brahms when he had his first documented public performance?
ten years old
When did Brahms's first documented performance occur?
Which brass band was Brahms's father a member of?
Alster Sextet
What is the life-span of Johannes Brahms?
What influenced Brahms's own compositions?
early interaction with folk music as well as his passion for folklore and folk music
What did Brahms produce in 1855?
a notebook of German maxims
As Hungarian refugees passed through Hamburg on their sojourn to the United States, what style was Brahms introduced to?
the style hongrois (Hungarian style) in which Hungarian musical gestures are blended with a gypsy performance style
In what year did Brahms finally produce his first symphony?
What two genres had Beethoven dominated (and saw Brahms work tirelessly to emerge from his shadow)?
symphony and string quartet
Towards whom was Brahms financially generous?
his family and friends, as well as to aspiring scholars and musicians
Which aspiring musician did Brahms support financially?
Antonin Dvorak
What was one of Brahms's final performances?
his Fourth Symphony
When did Brahms die?
Where was Brahms buried?
Zentralfriedhof in Vienna
Near which two composers' graves was Brahms buried?
Schubert and Beethoven's
In what key is Brahms's Fourth Symphony?
E Minor
The fourth movement of Brahms's Fourth Symphony is in what form?
How long is the theme for Brahms's Fourth Symphony, movement four?
From whom is the eight-measure theme from the fourth movement of Brahms's Fourth symphony taken from?
What is the theme of the fourth movement of Brahms's Fourth Symphony followed by?
thirty variations over an ostinato bass line
In his Fourth Symphony, Brahms unites models of what type of polyphony with modern harmonic language, representing a "peak in musical historicism"?
Renaissance and Baroque
What is the tempo/character marking of the fourth movement of Brahms's Fourth Symphony?
Allegro energico con passionate (fast with energy and passion)
What is ostinato?
the Italian word for "obstinate" and refers to a technique where a musical idea repeats many times
What specific type of ostinato is Brahms's fourth movement of his Fourth Symphony based on?
What is another way to say chaconne?
What is a chaconne/passacaglia?
a repeating harmonic progression
From which of Bach's works, according to Peter Gutmann, did Brahms derive his theme from?
the unpublished and unknown 150th Cantata of Bach