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USII.4b Immigration & Growth of Cities

Reasons for Immigration
1. Hope for better opportunities
2. Escape oppressive governments
3. Desire religious freedom
4. Seek adventure
Reasons for City Growth
1. Specialized industries create job opportunities in urban areas
2. Immigrants move to U.S. cities for jobs
3. Farmers leave rural areas & move to cities for jobs
Rapid growth of cities
The growth in factors of production and manufacturing
Apartment buildings designed to cram in as many families as possible
Neighborhoods made up of single ethnic backgrounds
settlement house
Centers that were established to help poor immigrants in the cities with English classes, child care for working mothers, and help finding jobs.
political machines
Powerful city organizations that used legal and illegal methods to get their candidates elected to public office, often by doing favors for immigrant neighborhoods (helping find jobs and housing in exchange for votes)
Hull House
One of the most famous settlement houses established in Chicago by Jane Addams
Jane Addams
A reformer who set up the Hull House as a center to help poor immigrants needs.
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
An example of discrimination; banned a single group of immigrants from entering the U.S.
Irish immigrants
Discriminated against harshly because of their religious beliefs (Catholic)
Overcrowded immigrant neighborhoods & tenements
Rapid industrialization and urbanization cause this to happen