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1. Acknowledge/Greet Guest Immediately

Within 2 minutes
Warm and sincere welcome
Introduce name

2. Find Focal Point and Make Personal Connection

Recognize possible table turner/focal point
Make connection
Customize experience for table (children, business)

3. Beer and Cocktail Suggestions

2 beverages: BJ's seasonal beer and BJ's beer/cocktail
1-2 adjectives for each beer

4. Offer 1 appetizer

1 specific appetizer
Different suggestions for different groups

5. Have you made your selections?

Never assume they are not ready
If not ready, ask if they would like suggestions (descriptive words!)

6. Beverage Napkin Indicator

Place beverage napkin at end of table during initial greet
Napkin of coaster for each drink (Coaster=beer napkin=all other beverages)

Deliver appetizers or soup/salad first?


After entree delivered....

Check back at 2 minutes/2 bites
Have printed check ready

Always refill drinks...

before entree is delivered

The Seven C's


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