Polit & Beck What's a Theory or Model?

Key Concepts
• Nursing
• Person
• Environment
• Health
• Concepts / Constructs
(e.g., Nursing, Person,
Environment, Health, self-care deficit)
(e.g., statements about the relationships)
Theories & Models
systematic explanation of
large chunks of reality.
Concepts + Propositions
What is difference between theory & model?
- Theory explains more
- Model may be pictures or words
Components of Theories/Models
• Concepts
- Conceptual definitions
- Operational definitions
• Propositions are
- Statements about how concepts are
(represented in single words)
"An abstraction based
on [shared] behaviors
or characteristics"
Must be translated into
measurable variables
Statement of the Relationship Between Concepts
9/17/2011 mefh
Concepts (words) Propositions (sentences)
Child's play is a
simple, easy activity
Propositions + Propositions
Framework: Theory or Model
A theoretical or conceptual framework for a
research study states the main concepts
investigated in the research project & describes the
expected relationships between the concepts.
• EVERY study has a framework!
• In your own research abstract/article - what are
the main ideas?
• How are those main ideas related?
Nursing or Borrowed or Shared?
• Stetler?
• Orem?
• Maslow?
• Travelbee?
• Lazarus & Folkman?
• Health Promotion model (p. 197)