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clue in the story that hints at a possible event or happening


struggle between two opposing forces can be external or internal

External Conflicts

individual vs. nature, society, technology, individual, or supernatural


where and when a story takes place


the feeling or emotion the author would like the reader to experience as the story is read


process the author uses to develop character in the story usually by their actions, words, appearances etc.

Context Clues

a good reader can define unfamiliar words while they are reading

Point of View

refers to the perspective of the person telling the story


refers to one event or thing causing something else to happen


genre of literature that has been made up


genre of literature that is based on facts


word with a meaning similar to a given word


word with a meaning opposite of given word


the most exciting point or turning point in the story

Organizational Pattern

method of arranging details in writing to its text structure. Chronological (time order), cause and effect, description, compare/contrast


stating the main idea of the story in several sentences

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