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  1. Juan y María van.
  2. El perro va.
  3. Juan, tú y yo vamos.
  4. Usted y yo vamos.
  5. Ella y yo vamos.
  1. a Juan, you and I are going. (you familiar)
  2. b The dog is going (masculine)
  3. c She and I do go.
  4. d Juan and Maria go.
  5. e You and I are going.

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  1. The dog does go. (masculine)
  2. You do go. (familiar, subject EMPHASIZED)
  3. You all go. (plural)
  4. You and I do go.
  5. He and I do go.

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  1. Las animales van.The animals are going. (feminine)


  2. Tú vas.You are going. (familiar, subject EMPHASIZED)


  3. Él va.He is going.


  4. Los animales van.You go. (plural)


  5. María va.Maria goes.


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