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  1. occurs when clients oppose the intentions of the inerviewer or therapist; this perspective can be seen as blaming the client
  2. involves a warm regard for the other person as a separate individual worthy of respect; it is impossible to do a good job of conveying upr through direct communication; upr is conveyed not so much by what you say, but how you say it
  3. Transference; Countertransference; Identification and internalization; Resistance; Working alliance
  4. is central to effective interviewing; it is a complex concept characterized by an effort to see the world from the client's perspective; it involves thinking , feeling, and experiencing WITH the client

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  1. Carl Roger's Core Conditionsis similar to transference, but involves the interviewer projecting his own issues onto the client; broadly defined as any reaction you may have to your client; client transference can trigger interviewer CT; Freud thought CT was always bad, but contemporary therapists see it as potentially informative


  2. Feminist Relationship ConceptsMutuality: this refers to sharing power and working collaboratively; Empowerment: this concept includes an emphasis on helping clients regain personal power and decision-making power that they have lost to society or to unhealthy relationships


  3. The Working Alliancehaving your throughts, feelings, and behaviors match; Rogers believed that therapists should be honest, somewhat spontaneous, and real; does not mean interviewers should say whatever they want to say...Some censoring is still needed; It's very important to examine your motives when it comes to self disclosure and touch


  4. Behavioral and Social psychologists have emphasized that clients respond best to interviewers who display high levels ofCollaboration; cooperation; co-construction;
    The client as the primary expert on his own life


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