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Swimming is good for you ___ being fun.


Smoking is bad for your health. ___ it is expensive.

in order to

We turned off the lights ___ ___ ___ go to sleep.


___ raining, we played outside.


I like dogs, __(5)__ my wife prefers cats.

Even though

___ ___ it was raining outside, we went for a walk.


Toby is young. ____ he is very responsible.


He's staying indoors ____ of the bad weather.


I'm going to bed __(5)__ I'm really tired.

as well as

The zoo contains live animals __ (2,4,2)__ skeletons and fossils.

In addition

The documentary is interesting. ___ ___ it is quite educational.

so that

We left early ___ ___ we wouldn't miss the last boat to Athens.

In spite of

___ ___ ___ the fact it was raining, the football match went ahead anyway.


I'm from England, __(7)__ by wife is from Greece.


__(8)__ it was cold, we decided to go camping anyway.

Owing to

__(5,2)__ the bad weather, all flights have been cancelled.


The performance was cancelled __(2)__ the main actor was ill.

in order not to

We turned on the lights ___ ___ ___ ___ fall asleep.

despite the fact

___ ___ ___ it was raining, the parade went ahead.


____ being good value for money, the hotel is also conveniently located.

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