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22 terms

Kindergarten and Nursery Instructions

line up
carry the material
transporta el material
clean your table please
limpia tu mesa por favor
let's go and brush your teeth
vamos a cepillarnos los dientes
let's sit in a circle
vamos a sentarnos en círculo
let's go and wash your hands
vamos a lavarnos las manos
make a line and put your hands back
hagámos una fila y pongamos las manos atrás
get in the line
métete a la fila
pull the chair out
sacar la silla
place the chair under the table
mete la silla
raise your hand
levanta la mano
keep away your book
guarda tu libro
keep your voice down
baja la voz
you're in time over
tiempo fuera
time to go to the bathroom
necesito ir al baño
time to go to drink water
tiempo de tomar agua
walk slowly in class
camina despacio en clase
get your toothbrush please
toma tu cepillo de dientes
it's time to clean up
es tiempo de limpiar
take the mat
transporta el tapete
roll the mat
enrolla el tapete