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BCP 140 Q&A

study questions for final exam
which is a type of anemia in which a problem in genetics in the structure of hemoglobin causes abnormally shaped RBC?
sickle cell anemia
sickle cells belong to which RBC morphology category?
what's the process that occurs in red marrow of long or flat bones by which all blood cells are formed?
what is that most common leukocyte, comprising 40-60% of the leukocytes in the blood?
which cells are active in the blood clotting process?
microorganisms, like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, or yeast that invide the body are known as what?
which is a very large cell whose cytoplasm breaks away at the edges to form individual thrombocytes?
what's the name of the condition in which the number of erythrocytes in the blood is decreased?
what is the name of the medical procedure that involves the separation of plasma from the blood cells in whole blood?
what is the type of drug given to suppress the immune response and decrease inflammation?
corticosteriod drug
lymphadenopathy can occur where?
neck, axillae, groin
what is the name of the fluid portion of the blood?
what is not a leukocyte?
a deficiency in the number of thrombocytes due to exposure of the bone marrow to radiation, chemicals or drugs is called what?
what is the medical word hemolysis associated with?
transfusion reaction
blood that is collected, filtered, and returned to the patient during surgery is known as what kind of blood?
what contains hemoglobin that transports oxygen to the cells?
what does the combining form erythr/o mean?
a pathogen is an organism that causes what?
a malignant tumor originating in a lymph node is known as what?
how can you obtain a sample of blood from a patient?
venipuncture and phlebotomy
what does hem/o and hemat/o mean?
what does leuk/o mean?
myel/o doesn't mean what?
what does coagul/o mean?
what does phag/o mean?
eating; swallowing
what does the suffix -rrhage mean?
excessive flow or discharge
what does the suffix -emia mean?
condition of the blood; substance in the blood
what does -poikil/o mean?
what word parts do you need to build a medical word meaning excessive flow or discharge of blood?
-rrhage, hemo/o
a person can live without a spleen?
the mediastinum is located between the lungs?
the upper jugular group of lymph nodes are located in the groin?
the diaphragm is a wall of muscle that separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities?
what manufactures most blood cells?
bone marrow
the spleen is composed of this material that also surrounds veins and arteries?
lymph tissue
what is the name of the malignant disease of the bone marrow in which excessive WBC are produced?
mediastinum codes are identified by which factor?
surgical approach
the type of lymphadenectomy is the removal of lymph nodes, glands, and surrounding tissues?
the lymph nodes excision category codes are based on which two things?
method and location
how many categories are located in the mediastinum subsection?
what is another name for a diaphragmatic hernia?
esophageal hiatal hernia
which bone marrow is taken from a close relative?
what bone marrow is collected from the patient and later transplanted or reinfused back into the patient from who it came?
what wrod describes a lymphadenectomy in which only the lymph nodes are removed?
what does -penia mean?
what word parts do you need to build a medical word that means one who specializes in blood and the study of it?
ist, -hemat/o, log/o
If fluoroscopic guidance is used during the insertion of a pacemaker, it is bundled with the primary procedure and cannot be reported separately.
the epicardial approach involves accessing a vein and inserting a needle with a wire into the vein.
when coding a change of battery in a pacemaker, both the removal and the reimplantation are coded.
to crrrectly report coronary bypass grafts, you must know the anatomical site in which the vessel being grafted came from.
PTCA is an acronym for Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty
what kind of cardology is entering the body to make a correction or for examination?
Supervision and Interpretation codes for angiography are located where in the CPT manual?
Radiology Section
what is an example of a noninvasive cardiology procedure/service is?
cardiovascular stress test
which vessel is involved in the major division of the cardiovascular subsection?
coronary or noncoronary
what is the name of the procedure in which fluid is withdrawn from the space around the heart through a needle and a catheter is left in to allow for continued drainage?
what is the name of the device that can be inserted into the body to electrically shock the heart into regular rhythm?
pacemaker insertion codes are divided based on the surgical what?
what is the name of the electrodes that are placed into the atrium and/or ventricle of the heart when a pacemaker is inserted?
what are the names of the three sections of the CPT manual that you use to code many cardiovascular services?
surgery, radiology, medicine
what type of cardiology is a diagnostic specialty that uses radioactive elements to aid in the diagnosis of cardiology conditions?
within the cardiovascular system, what is compared to the branches of a tree?
vascular families
the number of postoperative days usually assigned for the global period following implantation of a pacemaker?
90 days
what is another name of undissolved matter that is present in blood and is transported by the blood?
what is not considered to be bundled in with a vascular injection?
contrast media
holter monitor and an electrocardiogram are similar because:
leads are attached to the patient
if catheterization is performed on the coronary arteries, in which section would the codes be found?
what is the name of the valve located between the right atrium and right ventricle?
tricuspid valve
which surgical procedure is done to provide the myocardium with a new source of blood supply when a coronary artery is occluded?
coronary artery bypass graft
in the pathway of the flow of blood through the heart, oxygenated blood returns from the lungs and enters the what?
left atrium
when a coronary artery is partially blocked with atherosclerosis and there is myocardial ischemia, this will cause what?
chest pain
the cardiovascular system consists of the heart and what?
blood vessels
the mitral valve is located between what?
left atrium and the ventricle
what is the name of the largest artery in the body?
what layer of the heart is known as the muscular layer?
what type of blood vessel carries blood back to the heart?
what is a neurotransmitter for the sympathetic division of the nervous system that increases the heart rate to prepare the body for the "fight or flight" response?
any disease condition of the heart muscle that includes heart enlargement and heart failure is called what?
what does MI stand for?
myocardial infarction
the smallest vessel in the body is known as what?
what is it called when a period of unresponsiveness during a normal heartbeat?
the refractory period
what word means located within the ventricle?
what is cardiomyopathy?
disease of the heart muscle
the femoral artery brings oxygenated blood to the what?
what is the name of the procedure to remove plaque from an occluded carotid artery?
inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart is known as what?
what artery brings oxygenated blood to the brain, head, and face?
which artery doesn't carry oxygenated blood to some part of the arm?
the abdominal aorta divides inferiorly into the two what?
iliac arteries
cardiomegaly is the medical word for what?
heart enlargement
using sound waves to create an image of the heart is known as what?
ven/o means the same as what?
scler/o means what?
what does "cabbage" mean?
coronary artery bypass graft
what does isch/o mean?
keep back; block
the two major veins of the body are the superior and inferior what?
venae cavae
the codes in the eye and ocular adnexa subsection are bilateral codes?
cataract and lens replacement uses how many different approaches?
the light sensitive cells in the retina that only respond to color are the rods?
aqueous humor is a clear, watery fluid produced by the caruncle of the eye?
the clear, gel-like substance that fills the posterior cavity of the eye is called aqueous humor.
the anterior and posterior chambers are filled with vitrous humor?
what does lacrim/o mean?
what is the orbit of the eye?
bony socket in the skull
what is the name of the condition which causes pronounced outward bulging of the anterior surface of the eye?