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medical examination positions

Anatomical position
Used for posture and movements
Dorsal recumbent position
Used for digital vaginal or rectal exams. Gown is opened in the front. both feet should be flat on the table, knees flexed
Horizontal recumbent/Supine position
Used to exams of breasts/abdominal organs/hemmoroids. Lying flat on the table, with legs together, hands at sides of body.
Sims' position
Examination/treatment of the rectal area & enemas. Turned on left side, right leg drawn up high & forward, left arm along back and chest forward. Gown open in back
Prone position
Examination of the spine/back. On the stomach, head to one side, hands underneath the head, gown open in back
Lithotomy position
Pap smears. On back, legs flexed on abdomen, ffet in stirups, thighs apart. Gown open in back.
High-Fowler's position
Used for respiratory or cardiovascular problems. On back, head raised 90 ⁹ angle, knees elevated
Semi-Fowler's position
Used with respiratory or cardiovascular problems. On back, head elevated to a 45⁹ angle
Knee-chest/Genupectoral position
Rectal exams, proctological exams and occasionally a sigmoidoscopy. Hands folded under head, chest down to the table, knees separated. gown open in the back
Modified Trendelenburg position
Used for syncope, and used with a manual table.
Jackknife position
Used for examine of the male urethra. Has to be a special table for this position.