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  1. area, distance, shape, and direction
  2. intervening opportunities
  3. south carolina
  4. site
  5. map-making
  1. a according to most preference maps of the U.S., the state that would be least preferred by the overall U.S. population
  2. b stores/restaurants in Oregon that find it cheaper to buy fresh vegetables grown in CA than those grown in FL are taking advantage of (blank)
  3. c seattle is located on Pudget Sound in NW Washington, w/ a moist, marine climate, a large university, and a famous downtown market; ship and aircraft are some primary activites; this is seattle's (blank)
  4. d cartography is the science of (blank)
  5. e map projections attempt to correct for errors in (blank)

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  1. a true statement regarding time-space convergence
  2. topographic maps must use these symbols
  3. map projection that preserves the correct shape of the earth's landmasses
  4. the ration between distance on a map and distance on the earth's surface is called the (blank)
  5. the size of a map's smallest discerable unit is its

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  1. people tend to dislike states or regions bordering their ownpreference maps of the U.S. tend to show that (blank)


  2. two cities, one with a large pop. and the other with a medium pop., that are very close in distance, like Seattle and Tacoma, WAtobler's first law of geography states that "Everything is related to everything else, but


  3. 2,339 centimetersnot a measure of relative distance


  4. topological spacetopographic maps must use these symbols


  5. a highway systemeven though some cities are far apart in terms of absolute distance, they are actually quite connected economically and socially. this is representative of (blank)