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  1. places seem to be getting closer together
  2. distribution of universities
  3. 2,339 centimeters
  4. area, distance, shape, and direction
  5. two cities, one with a large pop. and the other with a medium pop., that are very close in distance, like Seattle and Tacoma, WA
  1. a according to the gravity model, which two places are most likely to have a high level of interaction
  2. b a true statement regarding time-space convergence
  3. c map projections attempt to correct for errors in (blank)
  4. d what would NOT be included a cognitive map
  5. e not a measure of relative distance

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  1. the size of a map's smallest discerable unit is its
  2. cartography is the science of (blank)
  3. false regarding cognitive maps
  4. rap music spread to cities with vibrant African-American populations; this is an example of (blank)
  5. topographic maps must use these symbols

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  1. intersect at the poleslines of longitude (blank)


  2. directionthe Mercator projection preserves


  3. fuller's dymaxionthe size of a map's smallest discerable unit is its


  4. sitethe ration between distance on a map and distance on the earth's surface is called the (blank)


  5. a highway systemNOT a good example of a barrier to spatial diffusion