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Social class allows for social mobility
The majority of divorces affect children
Referring to quality research: If the participants selected for a study are not representative of the larger population, the researcher will not be able to generalize the findings to other groups?
Gender expectations are influenced by the social context
Non-traditional families are more likely than traditional families to experience religion in a positive way
Social class standing has no significant impact on one's access to education, jobs, and healthcare
Married couples save on the future on average compared to singles and cohabiting couples
The term "guilt gap" refers to the difference in amount of concern men and women express over the affect of their employment will have on their children with women feeling less guilty
The gender gap and housework by men and women has decreased in years due to men taking on more housework responsibilities
Divorce should be considered as a process rather than a one time legal event
Due to the rising trends of divorce in the US, divorced individuals do not face a negative stigma from society
Family policy directly impacts the lives of families and the mechanisms through which family service workers may help and intervene
There is an explicit definition of family in the law
According to the Texas family code, only a professional having cause to believe that abuse has happened should immediately make a report
A child life specialist becoming aware of abuse: According to the Texas family code, she can delegate someone else to make the report
In Texas if you are disabled and you are sexually abused, the human resources code does not provide protection or the means to an investigation
The intent of advocacy in the policy arena, is to inform legislators about a particular social issue
In colonial times, the family was considered to be a smaller version of the larger society. What were they referred to as?
little common wealth's
When we looked at divorce trends over the history of our country, in the 20th century we saw higher rates of divorce and lower rates of birth. Also the relationship between spouses changed. So friendships seemed to characterize the relationship between parents and children, and spouses were considered lovers rather than partners for economic reasons. So the family during this era was referred to as what?
companionate family
Two major world events that impacted the 1950s family
great depression, world war II
We've talked about divorce having an impact on our economic society in multiple ways: taxpayer money goes towards federal funding housing and SNAPS, corporate America experiences a loss in productivity, increased risk of bankruptcy and juvenile problems
all of the above
US census definition of family
Group of two or more people related by blood, marriage, or adoption residing together
People other than legal or blood relatives who play family roles by providing for emotional and other needs of others are
fictive ken
____is both the fundamental unity of society as well as the root of culture
There is a question about social science researchers and what they do (fill in the blank)
collect information, interpret that information, draw conclusions on that information
When looking at why the study of gender is an important component of examining families in society
all of the above
Out of these social classes, which one is the largest? smallest?
largest is the middle class
smallest is the upper class
When we looked at the state of our unions report, it talked about the Great Recession maybe having a silver lining for some marriages, but others will be more vulnerable. The groups that are more vulnerable are the what?
Poor and working class (vulnerable under the Great Recession)
Approximately what percentage of marriages in the US are re-marriages
Which of the following is not a reason why the study of current marriage trends is important?
to decrease the rising trend of cohabitation
When we look at outcomes linked to cohabitation according to research
all of the above
All of the following factors are associated with a lower risk of divorce except for one of these
high school education
Social trends are most reflective ____ at the same time
economic realities
Ideology of separate spheres
-private work being done at home, associated with women's roles
-public spheres are out in the work force, which is associated with men's roles
-so men belong in the work place, and women belong at home
Children's adjustment to divorce is most impacted by
parental conflict perspective
The professional field dedicated to interpretation and application of policies relevant to families
family law
Laws, rules, and regulations that directly support the five functions of families, fall under the umbrella of
family policy
Looks at the consequences of policies and programs on family well being
family impact lens
When we look at the 5 functions of family, there is one on this list that is not a function:
religious instruction
How many hours do you have to make a report of abuse after you first learn of it if you are a family professional in Texas?
Which of the follow were reasons she gave for why family policy matters
all of the above
Families helps society achieve its goals and families are key to society's economic health by contributing in all of the following ways except
all of the above
Family impact lens considers the ___ and ___ ways families are affected by policies
explicit, implicit
Families may by utilized in all the following ways within family policy except for one of these
policies may use all of these ways
Which of the following questions would be asked by a family impact lens when evaluating an issue?
all of the above
the purpose of the family impact checklist
A and B
Families fulfill certain roles to keep society as a whole functioning smoothly
Structural Functionalism
Individual, couple, and family patterns are determined by biology
Inequality within families and society is structured along gender lines. Males benefit more from family practices than do females
Feminist Theory
Inequality is an inherent part of families. Some family members benefit more than others from these arrangements
Conflict Perspective
Families are created through day-to-day interactions. Communication is central to the creation and maintenance of family bonds
Symbolic Interactionism
Enduring family relationships and interactions are those that offer the greatest rewards and have the fewest costs
Social Exchange Theory
An approach to the study of human development that focuses on interrelated structures and processes among four nested systems, the micro, meso, exo, and macrosystems, that differ in their immediacy to the developing human
Ecological Systems Theory
How family affects society and society affects family
these two things co-exist
rate of cohabitation increasing
publicizing same sex marriage increasing
overall diversity of family structure creasing
number of children being had in families decreasing
Types of families
decline or enduring?
what are the differences between those two perspectives?
Areas of inequality
gender inequality-societal level and family also
ethno racial groups
social inequalities-medicare, income, etc.
Marriage and cohabitation
how do we decrease divorce?
When strength and support family structure?
Law and policy
Texas, do policies affect families and us? Absolutely. Evaluation of policies using the family impact lens
helpful or harmful to families?
then applying the same kind of criteria and evaluations to recent and current social issues
Society issues past and present
Penn State Scandal
In doing our projects, did you change the way you understood your topic from when it was first assigned to you?
What is the value in using the lenses in future family professionals?
-You don't know the kind of effect the social issue has until you look at it through the lens and understand the perspective of those people you are helping.
Social Agency Paper
Did any of you guys find that the agency that you went to you might want to be involved in in the future?