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  1. Bloody Show
  2. Factors that affect psychologic response to labor
  3. Anterior Fontenelle
  4. When does menstrual period resume
  5. Events of Letdown Reflex in breastfeeding mom
  1. a diamond shape, 2-3cm, closes around 18mths
    the meeting of the sagittal suture and lambdoidal suture
  2. b 1)Nipple stimulation/emotional response to the infant occurs
    2)hypothalamus triggers release of oxytocin by the posterior pituatary gland
    3)Myoepithelial cells surrounding the acini(alveoli)cells contract
    4)Milk is ejected into the lactiferous sinuses
    5)Milk is available through nipple openings
  3. c breastfeeding does delay it but does not keep it from happening
    -if bottle feeding period can come around 6 weeks with ovulation happening before that
  4. d fear, anxiety, anticipation, excitement, joy, birth fantasies, social support
  5. e pinkish tinged snot like mucus that slides out, a positive sign of labor

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  1. Taking In-excited and eager to talk about experience,overwhelmed by exhaustion,dependent on others
    Taking Hold-seeks positive feedback about caregiving skills, goes between nurturing needs and resuming independence
    Letting Go-reorganizes household tasks and schedule,less dependent of others,more comfortable with new role as mother
  2. gynecoid and anthropoid
    others are not: android-slow descent into pelvis
    plattypeloid-difficult descent thru midpelvis, head engages in transverse position
  3. Dilating stage-period from first true labor contraction to complete dilation of cervix
  4. effacement and dialation of cervix, through uterine contractions
  5. Expulsive stage- cervix 100% effaced and 10cm dialated to birth of baby.
    -involves postional changes of baby (descent, internal rotation, extension, external rotation, and expulsion)
    -uterine contractions and intra-abdominal pressure help expel baby
    -episiotomy/laceration/tear possible

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  1. Stationmeasuring the contraction beginning to end


  2. "BUBBLE" AssessmentBreasts-observe size, shape reddened areas, nipples
    Uterus-fundus-firmness and relationship to umbilicus
    Bladder-distension, odor, color, burning of urine
    Bowel-auscultate for bowel sounds, bm habits
    Lochia- color, amt, odor, clots (size of)
    Episiotomy/abdominal incision-redness, edema, bruising,approximation, hemorrhoids, bleeding, signs of infection


  3. Why is Pitocin given after deliveryto keep contractions going to help stop bleeding, expel placenta
    -it's given as an injection
    -massaging fundus, breast feeding and stimulating nipples can stimulate contractions


  4. Factors that affect response to painfear, anxiety, anticipation, excitement, joy, birth fantasies, social support


  5. Iron and babiesIron is stored in the baby and does not require supplements for 3-6 months