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  1. Factors that affect psychologic response to labor
  2. Events of Letdown Reflex in breastfeeding mom
  3. Acme
  4. Intensity
  5. Posterior Fontenelle
  1. a fear, anxiety, anticipation, excitement, joy, birth fantasies, social support
  2. b 1)Nipple stimulation/emotional response to the infant occurs
    2)hypothalamus triggers release of oxytocin by the posterior pituatary gland
    3)Myoepithelial cells surrounding the acini(alveoli)cells contract
    4)Milk is ejected into the lactiferous sinuses
    5)Milk is available through nipple openings
  3. c the strength of the contraction during acme
  4. d peak of a contraction
  5. e triangle shape, closes around 8-12wks, the intersection of the posterior cranial sutures

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  1. pinkish tinged snot like mucus that slides out, a positive sign of labor
  2. to keep contractions going to help stop bleeding, expel placenta
    -it's given as an injection
    -massaging fundus, breast feeding and stimulating nipples can stimulate contractions
  3. Pacenta stage- period from birth of baby through birth of placenta
    -placenta separates from uterine wall by uterine contractions and intra-abdominal pressure
  4. effacement and dialation of cervix, through uterine contractions
  5. labor progress, cervical dialation, status of fetal membrane, palpation of presenting part for position and fetal descent

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  1. Frequencythe building of a contraction


  2. 3 Phases of behavior of new motherLatent phase-0-3 cm dialated
    Active phase- 4-7cm
    Transition phase- 8-10cm dialated


  3. Stationmeasuring the contraction beginning to end


  4. Iron and babiesIron is stored in the baby and does not require supplements for 3-6 months


  5. 3 Phases of 1st Stage of LaborLatent phase-0-3 cm dialated
    Active phase- 4-7cm
    Transition phase- 8-10cm dialated


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