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  1. Nutritional requirements of a breastfeeding mom
  2. Rhogam
  3. Lightening
  4. Events of Letdown Reflex in breastfeeding mom
  5. 3 Phases of 1st Stage of Labor
  1. a an IM injection given to mothers who have babies that have opposite Rh factor than themselves.
    -it's an immune gamma gobulin given to mother to prevent antibodies from fighting against antegens of baby
  2. b 1)Nipple stimulation/emotional response to the infant occurs
    2)hypothalamus triggers release of oxytocin by the posterior pituatary gland
    3)Myoepithelial cells surrounding the acini(alveoli)cells contract
    4)Milk is ejected into the lactiferous sinuses
    5)Milk is available through nipple openings
  3. c Extra 300-500 calories, total of 2500-3000 cal.
    -8-10 glasses of water
  4. d Latent phase-0-3 cm dialated
    Active phase- 4-7cm
    Transition phase- 8-10cm dialated
  5. e effects of fetus settling in the pelvis

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  1. Taking In-excited and eager to talk about experience,overwhelmed by exhaustion,dependent on others
    Taking Hold-seeks positive feedback about caregiving skills, goes between nurturing needs and resuming independence
    Letting Go-reorganizes household tasks and schedule,less dependent of others,more comfortable with new role as mother
  2. position of baby's head in relation to the ischial spine.
    neg # is higher, pos # is lower(closer to coming out). 0 is even with spine
  3. when the largest diameter of the presenting part reaches or pass thru the pelvic inlet
  4. irregular intermittant contractions, false labor, eventually goes away
  5. the relationship of the cephalocaudal (spinal column) axis of the fetus to the cephalocaudal axis of the mother

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  1. Information obtained during a Vaginal Examlabor progress, cervical dialation, status of fetal membrane, palpation of presenting part for position and fetal descent


  2. Anterior Fontenellediamond shape, 2-3cm, closes around 18mths
    the meeting of the sagittal suture and lambdoidal suture


  3. Factors that affect response to painchildbirth preparation, cultural acceptability response to pain, fatigue, previous experience, unfamiliar surroundings, anticipation and fear of pain


  4. 1st Stage of LaborDilating stage-period from first true labor contraction to complete dilation of cervix


  5. When does menstrual period resumeExpulsive stage- cervix 100% effaced and 10cm dialated to birth of baby.
    -involves postional changes of baby (descent, internal rotation, extension, external rotation, and expulsion)
    -uterine contractions and intra-abdominal pressure help expel baby
    -episiotomy/laceration/tear possible