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Manifest Destiny - History

Zebulon Pike
explored the southwest and discovered Pike's Peak
John Jacob Astor
established a fur trading settlement in Oregon at Fort Astoria and became one of the wealthiest men in America
Stephen Austin
brought the first 300 families from America to settle in Texas around the Brazos River
Santa Anna
commander of the Mexican Army during the Texas War for Independence and the Mexican War/ he was also president and dictator of Mexico
Jim Bowie
famous American hero and frontiersman known for inventing the Bowie Knife/ most famous knife fighter in American History/ killed at the Alamo
Davy Crockett
famous American scout and frontiersman known for his coonskin cap/ leader of Tennessee Volunteers/ killed at The Alamo
Sam Houston
first president of the Republic of Texas/ one of the first Senators from the state of Texas/military commander of the Texas during the Texas War for Independence/ one of the most colorful men in U.S. History
Zachary Taylor
called "Old Rough and Ready" by his troops during the Mexican War/ never lost a battle and was beloved by his troops/ later became president of the U.S.
Stephen Kearney
captured Santa Fe, New Mexico during the Mexican War/ he also put down a rebellion at San Diego/ famous American commander
John C. Freemont
captured San Francisco during the Mexican War/ established the Bear Flag Republic/ one of the first Senators of the state of California
Winfield Scott
called "Old Fuss and Feathers" by his troops during the Mexican War/ captured Mexico City to end the Mexican War
John Sutter
gold was found on his land in California which led to the Gold Rush of 1849
Narcissa and Marcus Whitman
first missionaries to travel west to Oregon/ were massacred by the Native Americans there
Henry Clay
Whig candidate who ran against James Knox Polk in the Election of 1844/ ran for president four times and never was elected/ called the "Great Compromiser"
Election of 1844
James Knox Polk from Tennessee was elected president/ first dark horse candidate who is unknown and runs for political
Five Goals of James Knox Polk as President
1. get California 2. get Oregon 3. get Texas 4. lower tariffs 5. smash the National Bank/ accomplished all his goals in one term/ known as the hardest working president
Manifest Destiny
God-given right for the U.S. to stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
Lone Star Republic
what Texas was called when it was a country from m 1836-1845
Two Rivers Involved in the Mexican War
The Nueces and The Rio Grande
Battle of San Jacinto
only 18 minutes/ Santa Anna was captured/ Texans won under the command of Sam Houston/ was the last battle of the Texas War for Independence
"54 40 or fight!"
War Hawks in Congress slogan when the boundary of Oregon with Great Britain was being decided
What two countries jointly occupied the Oregon Territory?
United States and Great Britain
The Alamo
182 Texans held off 4,000 Mexicans for 12 days/ Texans refused to surrender and everyone was killed including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie/ fight to death for freedom and against Santa Anna's oppression and the Mexican government/ Santa Anna burned all the bodies/ few women and children survived/ one of the most famous battles in American history
The Oregon Trail
2,000 miles and took about 6 months/ most people traveled by foot the whole way/ the dangers were disease, bad weather, and equipment breaking down
Bear Flag Republic
California was called this when it was a country for a short period of time
Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty
ended the Mexican War/two provisions: 1. U.S. paid $15 million for the Mexican Cession 2. U.S. boundary was the Rio Grande River
Major Battles of the Mexican War
Monterey, Buena Vista, Vera Cruz, Mexico City
Commanders of the Mexican War
Winfield Scott, Zachary Taylor, John C. Freemont
Results of the Mexican War
1. What about the slavery issue in the New Lands? 2. Gave Americans war experience for the upcoming Civil War 3. U.S. got huge amount of land
the people who went west to California looking for gold in 1849
Put the Following Events in Order: Oregon Country Added to the U.S., Gadsden Purchase, Louisiana Purchase, Texas Becomes a State, 13 Colonies, Mexican Cession Added to the U.S.
1. 13 Colonies 2. Louisiana Purchase 3. Oregon Country Added to the U.S. 4. Texas Becomes a State 5. Mexican Cession Added to the U.S. 6. Gadsden Purchase
Gadsden Purchase
The last territory added to complete the Manifest Destiny/ brought from Mexico for $10 million/ used as a railroad route
Comstock Lode
The largest silver vein ever found in the U.S./ produced $400 million worth silver
The incident where Santa Anna massacred 300 Texans during the Texas War for Independence/ "Remember the Goliad" became a battle cry for the Texans
Mexican Cession
Was a huge amount of land (including present day New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada) which the U.S. bought for $15 million from the Mexicans after the Mexican War
Gold Rush
Period in American History when many people went to search for their fortune in out west/ began in 1849/ helped settle the west
Levi Strauss
invented the blue jeans and made a fortune
From what years was Texas a state?
James Marshall
found gold on John Sutter's property/ this began the Gold Rush
Why wasn't Texas admitted as a state?
this would upset the balance in the Senate between the slave states and free states
Donner Party
a group of settlers heading west who got caught in the mountains during the winter/ to stay alive they resorted to cannibalism
Date Texas Became a State
December 29, 1849
Mexican War Dates
May 1847 - February 1848; only lasted nine months
Battle of Mexico City
Winfield Scott marched 300 miles from Vera Cruz to Mexico City/ there he waged a three-week siege/ Winfield Scott defeated Sana Anna's army/ this ended the Mexican War
The Mountain Men - Jim Beckwourth, Jedediah Smith, Jim Bridger
Mountain men were frontiersmen living in the wilderness/ they explored mountains, valleys, and trails of the west/ usually trappers
Jim Beckwourth
African-American who explored Wyoming's Green River
Jeediah Smith
found the South Pass which was the main route to Oregon
Jim Bridger
famous guide for people heading west