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Hyoid Bone

Adam's apple u-shaped bone at the base of the tongue that supports the tongue and its muscles.


or chest bone is an elastic, bony cage made up of the sternum (breast bone), spine, 12 pairs of ribs and connective cartilage.
It serves as a protective framework for the heart, lungs and other internal organs


collar bone (2)


shoulder (2)


Uppermost and largest bone of the arm, extends from the elbow to the shoulder (2)


Inner and larger bone of the forearm (lower arm) on the same side as the little finger


Smaller bone in the forearm on the same side as the thumb


Wrist, flexible joint composed of 8 small, irregular bones (carpals) held together by ligaments


Palm, consisting of 5 long slender bones called metacarpal bones


Bones in the fingers, 14 total (each hand), 3 in each finger, 2 in the thumb

Cervical Vertebrae

Seven bones of the top part of the vertebral column located in the neck region.

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