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Peds final

review of past test questions... hopefully some are on the test
electrolyte imbalance with diarrhea
metabolic alkalosis
school age child admitted with vasoocculsive sickle cell crisis. what is priority
maintain IV line
when can child return to school after chicken pox
after all lesions are crusted
roseola rash itchy, what interventions can dad do
apply cool compress
3 y/o dx with intussuseption what symptom would make you suspect this
bloody mucus or current jelly stool
tx of ALL induction therapy
prednisone, Lasparginase and vincrisine?
group of grade school children going camping, prevent lyme disease
wear long pants tucked into socks
after surgery for pyloric stenosis, (well bubbled) burp baby to
prevent pressure on incision line
HIV positive mom is upset because baby has antibodies what do you tell her?
this is normal for 18 months
scarlett fever caused by
6mo has roseola, classic sign of this is
temp falls, rash appears
paroxismal abd pain...suspect intussusseption because
stool is current jelly like
the best way to identify food allergies
elimination diet
prevent further sickle cell crises, advise parents to
prevent infection
which of the following positions is appropriate following feeding after pyloric stenosis
right side (promotes drainage)
toddler tx for pinworms, whats important for mom to do to prevent reinfection
wash their hands
assessing boy c mumps, swelling is located
in front of ear above the jaw line
a child who has anemia, needs blood transfusion, what do you give
give packed red blood cells
an infant has sx to relieve pyloric stenosis, immediate post op priority is
which NDx for rheumatic fever?
activity intolerance
2 day old infant has heart murmur, ekg normal, what disorder most likely
patent ductus arteriosis
child is getting a cardiac cath, teaching for parents is...
will return with bulky dressing, (nurse check pulses)
infant with congenital heart disease shouldn't become dehydrated because
cerebral vascular accident (at risk for clots, has high hematocrit)
child is born with VSD, goal of closing is to prevent...
cardiac failure
coarctation demonstrates few symptoms but you'll find
femoral pulses (upper B/P will be higher than lower)
3yo child with cardiac cath, what would you watch for post procedure?
pedal pulses, swelling can cause problems
8 month old with VSD, nursing diagnosis
ineffective heart as a pump
11 yo admitted for cystic fibrosis what erikson stage is he in?
tetrology of fallot, what would you discover
on assessment immediately following cardiac surgery, what would you expect to find?
hypothermia... they should be cold
which is most important to implement for infant with heart failure
semi-fowlers - decreases venous return
teach mom of tetrology of fallot if he become cyanotic,
use knee chest maneuver (toddler may squat)
all are s/s of cardiac tamponade except
increased chest drainage (classic signs of tampanade are narrow pulse pressure, muffled heart sounds, and pulses paradoxis)
school age child, rheumatic fever, health hx reveals...
knee pain, subcutaneous nodules
other of infant with meconeum ileus for sweat test
meconium ileus is symptom of cystic fibrosis
cystic fibrosis poo is
fatty frothy and foul
renal failure is common after cardiac surgery, sign of renal failure is
urine output less than 1 ml/kg/hr
evaluating infant progress after cardiac surgery parents need to be encouraged to...
allow child to do age appropriate activities
a child has chest tubes inserted to water seal, clamp tubes if...
tubes become disconnected.
greatest cyanosis shows in infant with what condition
transposition of the great vessicles
early manifestations of cystic fibrosis
male sterility
to assess for cyanosis for infant with cardiovascular disease
check buccal membrane and tongue
relieve child thirst admitted with asthma
give warm tea
pancreatic enzyme replacement for cystic firbrosis
give with food