26 terms

ABA 7, 9

An antecedent stimulus that is present when a behavior is reinforced is called
discriminative stimulus
An antecedent stimulus that is present when a behavior is not reinforced is called a
stimulus delta
is when a behavior is more likely to occur in the presence of a specific antecedent stimulus
stimulus control
How do you develop stimulus control
through stimulus discrimination training
3 components of a 3-term contingency
SD (antecdent), response, S (consequence or reinforcer)
stimulus discrimination training
reinforce behavior when the SD is present and not when the S delta is present
as a result of D-training, what happens in the future when an SD is present
the behavior is more likely to occur
____ is developed through the process of discrimination training
stimulus control
___ takes place when a behavior occurs in the presence of stimuli that are similar to the SD
When a novel example of SD occurs, this is called...
example of stimulus control
any example where a behavior is more likely to happen in the presence of a specific stimulus
shaping involves differential reinforcement of ______ of a target behavior
successive approximations
In shaping, the first behavior chosen for reinforcement is called the
starting behavior
2 behavioral principles involved in differential reinforcement
reinforcement, extinction
it is important to use a _______ reinforcer in order to be able to deliver the reinforcer immediately after the desired effect during shaping.
shaping is used for 3 reasons....
novel or new topogrpahy, to reinstate a previously exhibited behavior, to change some dimension of an existing behavior
you would not use shaping when _____ could be used to get the person to engage in the target behavior
modeling, instructions, or other prompts
if the behavior already occurs occasionally, you _____ use shaping.
do not , because you can use reinforcement instead
Shaping involves _____ of successive approximations of a target behavior
differential reinforcement
the steps in a shaping procedure are called
succesive approximations
Three shaping steps that are reinforced when teaching a young child to talk
babbling, word sounds, words
In shaping, CR are important to use so that the reinforcer does not lose its effectiveness through
if the target behavior is occurring at least occasionally, you would use _____ to make it occur more often
differential reinforcement
in shaping, each ____ is a behavior that is more and more like the target behavior
succesive approximation
if you were using shaping to get a rat to press a lever, pressing the lever would be called the ___
target behavior
you do not need to use shaping if you can get the behavior to occur by
telling or showing the person what to do