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  1. Magma
  2. Focus
  3. Convection currents
  4. Convergent boundary
  5. Seismograph
  1. a tectonic plates are moved around by these currents
  2. b subduction takes place at a convergent boundary
  3. c molten rock inside Earth
  4. d instrument used to record earthquakes
  5. e underground center of an earthquake

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  1. wave that passes through Earth
  2. long crack where plates diverge
  3. break in Earth's rocks caused by stress
  4. number based on seismic wave amplitude; the measurement of a Richter scale
  5. structures that can withstand earthquakes

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  1. Lavamagma that has reached the surface of Earth


  2. Cinder conesmall, steep volcano with a cone made of tephra


  3. Shieldlong crack where plates diverge


  4. Hot spotscone-shaped mountains that spew out lava or gas


  5. Earthquakevibrations that occur when rocks break due to stress