AP Physics 1 Energy

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Force applied to an object over a displacement. Joules. Displacement must be in direction of the force. Negative work is when energy is being transferred from the mass to the source of the force, like friction.
Rate at which the work is performed. Watts.
Work Equations
Kinetic Energy
Energy of motion. KE=.5mv^2
Work-Energy Theorem
Total work equals kinetic energy. W(total)=ΔKE
Potential Energy
Energy stored within a system, not from motion. Forces related to potential energy are conservative forces.
Gravity PE
Farther two masses are separated, greater potential energy is stored in the system. PE=mgh
Elastics PE
Springs. More compressed or stretched away from its equilibrium point, the greater the potential energy. PE(elastic)=.5kx^2
Electrical PE
Closer two similar charges are held or the farther apart two opposite charges are held, the greater the potential energy. PE(electrical)=qΔV
Mechanical Energy
Kinetic and Potential energy, and if they are the only two forces present then they are conserved.
Law of Conservation of Energy
Initial mechanical energy must equal the final mechanical energy. KEi+PEi=KEf+PEf
Nonconservative Forces
Friction. Must by subtracted from Energy equations when present, because not conserved. KEi+PEi+Wnc/Ff=KEf+PEf