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  1. Art Nouveau defined
  2. Oscar wilde's quote for art
  3. twyla tharp's work
  4. Modern Dancer's
  5. happening
  1. a early 1900's
    facination with plant/animal life(organic shapes) :p
    created the :"whiplash" -serpentine curves
  2. b "all art is quite useless", -so is my girlfriends cooking ability ^_^
  3. c Isadora Duncan(1878-1927)
    martha graham(1894-1991)
  4. d Movin out
    the catherine wheel(founded)`
  5. e hybrid form of art, music and theatre.
    spontaniety and chance.

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  1. post ww1,
    emphasized collage, art through chance
    irratinoal, sometimes violent
  2. duke ellington(1899-1974)
    louis armstrong(1900's)
    Billie holiday(1915-1959)
    ella fitzgerald(1917-1996)
  3. take the a train
    jazz combo
    how hhigh the moon
    vocalist, created scattering
  4. wrote the piece 4min and 33 seconds
    controversial composition
  5. in the u.s.
    influenced by ragtime and blues
    new orleans origination

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  1. Realism defined in visual artDirect observation
    everyday subjects,


  2. cotton clubNYC group, 1975 to present
    deconstruction technique
    creates dissonance,
    performaned hamlet, while showing it


  3. Realism in modern times(shows)tries to give on objective account
    immitates reality on stage, to show life how it truly is(sucks)
    used truth in 5 sense, cause and effect


  4. japanese dance:post ww1,
    emphasized collage, art through chance
    irratinoal, sometimes violent


  5. Isadora Duncan's contributionspersistance in memory(1931)
    spanish who rediscovered faith 1940.