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  1. renaissance theatre (charles gilpin's work)
  2. Art Nouveau's artist's
  3. Oscar wilde's quote for art
  4. realism theatrical artists
  5. mark rothko's work
  1. a b roadway debut(1919)
    Emperor jones
  2. b no3/61
    expressive effects
    colors of nations
  3. c Henrik Ibson(master of realist drama)
    antov chekhov(russian and daily life format)
  4. d "all art is quite useless", -so is my girlfriends cooking ability ^_^
  5. e mucha, alfons(pics of women, czech)
    gustav klimt(1862-1918)

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  1. in the u.s.
    influenced by ragtime and blues
    new orleans origination
  2. donne
    yvonees rainer
    merce cunningham
    twyla tharp
  3. cunningham channel inserts
    uber flexible people,composed of chance movement
    everyday movement
  4. images from the natural world are reduced in shape
    "pure" use of line, color and shadow
  5. 1832-1926
    worked in barcelona spain, spirals and curves only
    casa mila(kick A** apartments)
    casa batillo(another kick as* apartment house stone)

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  1. Modern Dancer'sformed in 1962


  2. Realism defined in visual artDirect observation
    everyday subjects,


  3. Gustav klimt's workthe kis(1907)
    decorative arts, lead a secessionist group in women


  4. Cubism artist (picasso's and mattise)the bath (1891)
    painted women
    american painter in france.


  5. performance art definednot a play or script
    can be a solo performance,
    no clear plot needed