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  1. Abstract art artists (AAA)
  2. Jean-francis millet's work
  3. Realism effect on acting
  4. yvonees rainer's work
  5. twyla tharp's work
  1. a jackson pollack(1921-1956)
    mark rothko(1903-1970)
  2. b created a system of training for actors
    justification for everything
    actor becomes more creative(artist)
  3. c Movin out
    the catherine wheel(founded)`
  4. d scenes of rural life
    women baking bread(1853-4)
    the gleaners(1857)
  5. e ranier's trio A
    post modern dance

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  1. images from the natural world are reduced in shape
    "pure" use of line, color and shadow
  2. paul cezanne(1839-1906)
    van goh(1853-1890)
  3. "the kiss"(1886) -sexy, awesome. maybe a homerun
    the thinker (1902) -epiphany from constipation on the toilet
    great western sculpture, evoke impression
  4. the kis(1907)
    decorative arts, lead a secessionist group in women
  5. Isadora Duncan(1878-1927)
    martha graham(1894-1991)

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  1. japanese dance:post ww1,
    emphasized collage, art through chance
    irratinoal, sometimes violent


  2. Art Nouveau definedearly 1900's
    facination with plant/animal life(organic shapes) :p
    created the :"whiplash" -serpentine curves


  3. Butoh performancebutoh,
    founded post ww2
    responses to the atomic bomb


  4. Isadora Duncan's contributionsSunsrise
    water lillies(1914-17)
    contempary subject matter, optical truth


  5. Henrik ibson's workThe starry night(1889)
    mentally ill, offed himself. vivid colors, intense but complimentary