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  1. mark rothko's work
  2. Gustav klimt's work
  3. Post modern dance defined
  4. renaissance dance influenced in NY
  5. japanese dance:
  1. a the kis(1907)
    decorative arts, lead a secessionist group in women
  2. b less choreographing, more dancing
    everyday movement
  3. c butoh,
    founded post ww2
    responses to the atomic bomb
  4. d Harlem dance
    novelty dance
    Black bottom
  5. e no3/61
    expressive effects
    colors of nations

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  1. persistance in memory(1931)
    spanish who rediscovered faith 1940.
  2. falling waterfall and home(gorgeous structure) in sink with nature and the surrounding environment. cozy little crib
  3. images from the natural world are reduced in shape
    "pure" use of line, color and shadow
  4. east tl.louis took-oo
  5. sunday afternoon on the isle of la grande attle(considered egyptian)
    created pointalism(many little dots), no brush strokes

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  1. Post impressionism definedrebelliious against realism
    late 19th century/20th century
    evokes subject/ senory information
    use of light and color


  2. performance art definednot a play or script
    can be a solo performance,
    no clear plot needed


  3. Art Nouveau's artist'smucha, alfons(pics of women, czech)
    gustav klimt(1862-1918)


  4. Modern Dancer'sformed in 1962


  5. Jazz definedin the u.s.
    influenced by ragtime and blues
    new orleans origination