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  1. renaissance sculpture meta fuller's work
  2. Art Nouveau defined
  3. renaissance theatre (charles gilpin's work)
  4. twyla tharp's work
  5. Art Nouveau's artist's
  1. a Movin out
    the catherine wheel(founded)`
  2. b b roadway debut(1919)
    Emperor jones
  3. c mucha, alfons(pics of women, czech)
    gustav klimt(1862-1918)
  4. d early 1900's
    facination with plant/animal life(organic shapes) :p
    created the :"whiplash" -serpentine curves
  5. e talking skull(1917)
    eithopia awakening(1914)
    african themes

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  1. the kis(1907)
    decorative arts, lead a secessionist group in women
  2. falling waterfall and home(gorgeous structure) in sink with nature and the surrounding environment. cozy little crib
  3. a raisin in the sun
    friday night lights(boooo) :p
  4. Claude monet(1840-1926)
    pierre auguste renoir(1841-1919)
    edgar degos(1834-1917)
    mary cassatt(1845-1926)
    claude debusy(1862-1918)
    Auguste rodin(1840-1917) only sculpture here,
  5. a collection of styles influenced by impressionism
    color with shape and form, more vibrant

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  1. japanese dance:butoh,
    founded post ww2
    responses to the atomic bomb


  2. Cubismnew approach to pictorial space
    fragmented shapes, returns to shallow space
    african influences on this style


  3. billi holiday';s workwrote the piece 4min and 33 seconds
    controversial composition


  4. Auguste Rodin's worksSunsrise
    water lillies(1914-17)
    contempary subject matter, optical truth


  5. post impressionism artistspaul cezanne(1839-1906)
    van goh(1853-1890)