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  1. 1800, and 1803,48, and 67. for ireland
  2. Realism painters
  3. realism theatrical artists
  4. Abstract art artists (AAA)
  5. duke ellington's work
  1. a the year it joined the union, and the years with rebellions
  2. b east tl.louis took-oo
  3. c jackson pollack(1921-1956)
    mark rothko(1903-1970)
  4. d Gustave courbet
    Jean-francis millet
  5. e Henrik Ibson(master of realist drama)
    antov chekhov(russian and daily life format)

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  1. little deer(1946) (dead deer)
    broken column(1944) (distorted spine with boobs)
    the dream
  2. b roadway debut(1919)
    Emperor jones
  3. sunday afternoon on the isle of la grande attle(considered egyptian)
    created pointalism(many little dots), no brush strokes
  4. Claude monet(1840-1926)
    pierre auguste renoir(1841-1919)
    edgar degos(1834-1917)
    mary cassatt(1845-1926)
    claude debusy(1862-1918)
    Auguste rodin(1840-1917) only sculpture here,
  5. a dolls housse(address issues for gender role)

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  1. Cubismhybrid form of art, music and theatre.
    spontaniety and chance.


  2. yvonees rainer's workwrote the piece 4min and 33 seconds
    controversial composition


  3. Modernism defined1900-1950
    highly intertextual, popular culture
    challenges the authors intent, combines styles
    happenings emerge


  4. renaissance sculpture meta fuller's worktalking skull(1917)
    eithopia awakening(1914)
    african themes


  5. Realism defined in visual artbeyond reality, imagery for the subconscious mind
    erotic, highten reality, insanity
    founded by Andre Breton(1924)


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