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  1. Realism defined in visual art
  2. Realism painters
  3. Henrik ibson's work
  4. renaissance dance influenced in NY
  5. Architecture works (gaudi)
  1. a Direct observation
    everyday subjects,
  2. b Gustave courbet
    Jean-francis millet
  3. c a dolls housse(address issues for gender role)
  4. d 1832-1926
    worked in barcelona spain, spirals and curves only
    casa mila(kick A** apartments)
    casa batillo(another kick as* apartment house stone)
  5. e Harlem dance
    novelty dance
    Black bottom

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  1. cubism
  2. picasson-
    les demoielles diavigon(prostitutes) (1907)
    bust of a man (influenced by african culture)
    the young sailer 1 and 2(one african, one not)
  3. no. 5(1948) (very odd arrangment) no form?
    action painting
    pure energy feeling
  4. jackson pollack(1921-1956)
    mark rothko(1903-1970)
  5. wrote the piece 4min and 33 seconds
    controversial composition

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  1. Modern Dancer'sformed in 1962


  2. Realism in theatre definedtries to give on objective account
    immitates reality on stage, to show life how it truly is(sucks)
    used truth in 5 sense, cause and effect


  3. Edgar degos' worksrehersal on stage (1874)
    a woman in the bath (1886) not attractive
    specialized in people, bewitching the truth


  4. Gustav klimt's workthe kis(1907)
    decorative arts, lead a secessionist group in women


  5. japanese dance:butoh,
    founded post ww2
    responses to the atomic bomb