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  1. Claude monet's works
  2. Butoh performance
  3. japanese dance:
  4. Post impressionism defined
  5. Jazz defined
  1. a a collection of styles influenced by impressionism
    color with shape and form, more vibrant
  2. b in the u.s.
    influenced by ragtime and blues
    new orleans origination
  3. c "Sankai juku"
    starting over, fetal imagery
    imagenistic, men role
  4. d butoh,
    founded post ww2
    responses to the atomic bomb
  5. e Sunsrise
    water lillies(1914-17)
    contempary subject matter, optical truth

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  1. post ww1,
    emphasized collage, art through chance
    irratinoal, sometimes violent
  2. their eyes watching god
    african dialect
  3. jazz poetry
    wrote for the crisis
    portary's ordinary african american life
  4. Claude monet(1840-1926)
    pierre auguste renoir(1841-1919)
    edgar degos(1834-1917)
    mary cassatt(1845-1926)
    claude debusy(1862-1918)
    Auguste rodin(1840-1917) only sculpture here,
  5. Movin out
    the catherine wheel(founded)`

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  1. renaissance sculpture meta fuller's worktalking skull(1917)
    eithopia awakening(1914)
    african themes


  2. Modernism definedbeyond reality, imagery for the subconscious mind
    erotic, highten reality, insanity
    founded by Andre Breton(1924)


  3. post modern theatre definedtries to give on objective account
    immitates reality on stage, to show life how it truly is(sucks)
    used truth in 5 sense, cause and effect


  4. billi holiday';s workthe kis(1907)
    decorative arts, lead a secessionist group in women


  5. Claude debussy's worksSunsrise
    water lillies(1914-17)
    contempary subject matter, optical truth